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Easiest Internet income opportunities

Updated on October 19, 2009

Internet business income

Right after my retirement from my regular job I started surfing the world wide web for information on internet income opportunities to earn online from home.This I did to avoid boredom and also to make myself productive.In my two years of internet journey I learned a lot about the online internet business income programs which I would like to share it with people like you so that you can learn from my mistakes and avoid getting hurt.

I took the first step by typing the key words

1)internet income opportunities

2)internet business income

3)home income opportunities, one by one in the browser search box.I was elated to find a number of programs that promised guaranteed income after five to thirty minutes of joining their program by paying a small sum(according to them) as a one time down payment.All these programs had one thing in common.They were all flashy,full of hype and designed to impress.I chose the most flashy(with images of fancy seaside house with a brand new car parked in front of it) and hyped up program and promptly joined as they had a refund policy which convinced me.I proudly informed my wife that I have found a way to earn online and we even got into an argument as to how the income should be spent.I was shocked to know after joining that it needed further investments which I was not aware earlier and I gave up due to paucity of funds.When I contacted them asking for a refund my emails were ignored.I was fed up after sometime and stopped writing to them in sheer exasperation and decided never to get scammed again.

I spent the next six months researching various ways to earn online taking care not to fall for hype and exaggeration.If any internet business income program offered easy money I learned to ignore them because if it is true,there will not be any poverty in this world and also due to the fact that no sane program owner will divulge the secret of easy money if there is any.I also learned that internet business income is possible if you work hard and have the willingness to learn.But one thing is certain.You cannot become rich overnight without learning and putting the right effort.Period.

I thought about various possibilities and decided that the ideal online income program should have the following characteristics.

1.Should be genuine and without hype.

2.Should be cost effective.

3.Should be easy to implement

4.Should have the earning capacity within months not years.

After giving much thought and due consideration about the pros and cons of various methods of online income I short listed two methods which are easy to implement.They are google adsense and affiliate marketing.

Internet business income program-1: Google adsense

Google adsense income is the easiest of the two methods wherein you are paid for mere clicks on the displayed google ads by the person who visits your website even if it does not end in a sale.

Internet business income program-2: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is about making money by selling other peoples products that are much in demand and getting a commission for your effort if there is a sale.This method also is easy because there is no hassle of keeping inventories or maintaining stocks.Also that getting paid is easy and prompt.Your job is to direct your website visitor to the website selling the product and if it results in the sale of the product, you get your commission.You have to choose only genuine products for affiliate marketing otherwise your credibility will suffer.

For both these types of income you need a website and I spent about a week to find a suitable website building program sifting and comparing and I chose SBI after much research since

1.they are well equipped and well suited to both these type of methods.

2. they are unfailing specialists who give you step by step guidance needed to set up a website on any subject that you are interested in.

3. they help you get website traffic which no other website building program provides.

4. they have tools to find out the profitable keywords so that you can build on them to become successful.With the help and guidance you get from them it is extremely difficult to fail.

5.they have the best and prompt support system I have ever come across,should you need to clear any doubts that you may have.

Your only job is to create the content.This is easy since you may already have the basic knowledge on the subject of your passion anyway and also you can refer the latest books on the topic by going to reference libraries and jot down the many points from various books which you can elaborate in your own words so that your content remains unique.Make sure that you do not copy as it violates copyright laws.There are many SBI case studies to prove their point.

I joined in the month of December 2008 and created my first website on home and family health issues on which I was passionate about. Within six months I earned $7 from adsense which is not much though.But this is only the beginning.This proves that you can really earn online.As I build more and more content and increase the pages, the traffic will increase automatically bringing in more income.


<a href="">internet business income</a>


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