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Ecologically Friendly Baby Gifts

Updated on July 30, 2012

Choosing Ecologically Friendly Baby Gifts

When buying a gift for a friend's baby shower, you might want to consider ecologically friendly baby gifts. These products will be healthier for the infant and better for the environment.

While your first thought might be that they will be ugly or boring, you will be surprised to find many cute, interesting baby products that are also eco-friendly. In fact, you often cannot even tell the difference between regular products and ones labeled as "green."

Products that are safe for a baby and good for the environment are durable, decorative, and affordable.

Green Baby Health and Safety Products

One item that is easy to be organic and environmentally friendly with is baby health products such as lotions and baby wash. How do you know what is safe and good for a baby? Look for one with all-natural ingredients without a lot of preservatives and other chemicals in it.

When you look at a label, look past the wording that says "all-natural" or "organic" and read the list of ingredients. Do some research on the ingredients to find ones that are safe to be put on your baby. Everything that is put on your infant's skin is absorbed and eventually ends up in the bloodstream. The wrong ingredients can be harmful to a baby now and in the future.

You can also find strollers, car seats, and other items that are eco-friendly. Almost anything you can buy for babies can also be made in an ecologically-friendly way. Many of these items use recycled materials that would otherwise left in our environment for decades or even centuries.

Baby Clothing and Diapers

Clothing for babies and diapers are two more areas where you can go natural for gifts. While ecologically-friendly diapers used to be ugly, today they come with cute designs and work as well as regular diapers.

You can buy cloth diapers that are washable and resusable. However, another option is to buy diapers that are made of material that will break down quickly instead of lying in landfills for decades. Some of them have reusable diapers with disposable inserts that can be flushed down the toilet.

Choosing eco-friendly clothing for a baby means using natural products that are chemical-free and produced by humane means. For instance, using cotton that has been raised and harvested without pesticides. It will also mean using cotton producers that do not have child labor working in the cotton fields. Clothing made with organic cotton is softer and will last longer.

Wooden blocks are fun and educational.

Let's build something!
Let's build something! | Source


Landfills are filled with plastic toys that have been played with and tossed aside. It will take hundreds of years or longer for these items to break down. You can choose to buy ecologically-friendly toys that are cute and educational while being good for the earth.

These toys are made from sustainable wood, organic fabrics, and recycled materials. They are decorative and fun to play with. These toys also are often simpler made, while fostering creativity and helping develop skills in the child. Many of these items are made from wood that is harvested from sustainable forests. Other materials include fabric and rubber; when plastic is used, it comes from recycled products.


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    • Tricia Hein profile image

      Tricia Hein 

      6 years ago from Morgantown, West Virginia

      One cool idea that I saw was to wrap the gift in a baby blanket, and tie a book to it. In the first page of the book you write a note instead of using a card. This ensures that all of the gift will be useful and none of it will get thrown away.


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