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READER SURVEY! Teaching Your Children- Babies, Toddlers and School Ages... What Works for You

Updated on November 18, 2015

So I'll start this hub off by saying that I am the busy mom of two, even busier little girls. When our first child was born in 2010, it seemed like we had all the time in the world to point out that the little furry thing was a "D-O-G dog", read educational books and watch fun videos to teach our daughter the most we could in order to give her the best head start possible.

Flash forward to 2013; our second child was born after a very trying pregnancy and we had a toddler to handle. I was drained and my husband went back to work days later. We love our youngest just the same as our oldest and we wanted her to have all the advantages we had tried to set her up with, but we were missing a key ingredient- time.

Suddenly, Monday and Saturdays were filled with dance and swim lessons, bedtimes came sooner and quiet time was a rarity. So what could we do. Because of the age gap between the girls,. what was fun to the baby was "Soooo boring" to the older child. And at the time of this post, we have a precocious five year old paired with a developing two year old. How can we balance teaching core concepts with interesting material?

The answer?

I don't know.

So I am looking to the readers to help. Attached to this hub is a short, five question survey to help hone in on areas of challenge we face when educating our kids. It's anonymous and doesn't ask for any personal information, nor does it sell anything. It is purely opinion and if you would take a moment to help answer the questions, I am looking to compile and use the answers to create a better solution.


<------------------- Please use the link to

<------------------- fill out the survey!




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