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Parenting: Imparting values into children

Updated on May 19, 2015

Parenting: Imparting values into children

It is said that a child can be made learnt from the tiny age of just 3 months onwards. With the passage of time its learning strength increases steadily since its birth. Do everything to improve habits of a child. A child imbibes whatever activity is done in front of it. Role of a mother and a teacher is important in life of a child. While a teacher in school can give only few hours, rest of the time a child spend at home with its mother. Initially a child learns most of the thing from its family and fewer from school. Schooling and parenting decide the future of any child. We are here to discuss the mental growth of a child. But physical growth is equally important to get the mental strength. So parents need to be extremely careful towards the physical growth of their children. A healthy body possesses a healthy mind. Yoga mediation and other physical exercises are essential right from the childhood days. Infuse great values along with sportsmanship spirit in your children.

A mother must make her child listen stories of great personalities. She must be careful of keeping her child away from embracing any kind of imaginary fear in its childhood. Make the child bold courageous and polite in nature. A child must not develop a habit of being lazy sluggish etc. parents need to make the child well-disciplined and laborious in its studies and games as well. Spouse need to maintain decorum at home and avoid any ignominy activity before the child. Parents must be careful in talking in front of your child; any unrealistic talks may lead your child to form some absurd opinion. Stay away from untruly things, backbiting and superstitious types of talks before your children. Teach them lesson of humanity. Let the children talk freely with you. Answer their all questions honestly. Don’t leave the children alone at home for a long time. Let them accompany of good people around you like their grandparents, relatives and other children. Keep them in touch of their elders who can guide them.

When the children are in the age group of 5 to 15, do not overindulge with them otherwise they may get spoiled. After 15 years of age, be friendly with them. Now at this juncture of time instead of instructing, try to advise them. Very wisely play a role of an adviser instead of a very strict guardian. Listen their anxieties and resolve every query. Motivate your children to read good books other than their syllabus too. Offer them books related to great personalities and inspire them to read and learn from lives of great people. This is crucial time to guide them well so as to give a good start and strong base to their careers. Career counseling, motivation and continuous guidance will lead towards thriving career. Parents must ensure that before transforming a child into a good professional, it is essential to make your child a good citizen first. A good citizen must have all the humanitarian values. Indeed it’s always easy to become a good professional as compared to becoming a good human being.

Guiding, showing the path and imparting good values all are important things in life of a child. But guardian need to be little cautious that too much interference in everything is also not advisable. Too much poking into every matter may lead a child reach into a chaotic or confusing state. Your interference must be in a balanced and appropriate way. Children must not feel irritated that parents are unnecessary putting lot of restrictions on them. Also don’t compare your child with other children and push to follow the footstep of other children. Every person has a distinctive nature, own set of values and own way of getting the things done. Also don’t make too much expectation from children that may lead them to go under pressure to outperform. Motivate them for hard work throughout the year and don’t push for more at any specific time like examination seasons.

Caring nurturing and persistently motivating to children will definitely give a good shape to their life and career as well. By transforming a child into a good citizen and a successful professional you not only fulfill your duty well towards your family but also contribute to society for giving a good citizen to it. Everybody owes this duty to society towards making a well civilizational nation and world. To bring up children with utmost responsibility is the highest duty of every parent. Do it with utmost perfection!


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