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Education of Children

Updated on May 26, 2016

It is extremely common nowadays to teach children the difference between right and wrong. Debate rose, however, on whether punishment is necessary for them to learn the distinction, and if so, what kind of punishment. I tend to side with the view that punishment is necessary for most children.

Children tend to have a hard time distinguishing wrong actions and why it is wrong. Punishment helps establish in a children’s subconscious that they have to shoulder the consequences of their actions, and that bad actions lead to bad outcomes, thus helping them avoid it in the future. Punishment also helps children realize the severity of their actions. A child may simply need to apologize if he accidently broke a plate, but if he stole a candy bar from a convenient store, he may be grounded and forced to use his pocket money to repay for the stolen item. A strict system of punishment should be created in order to teach children right from wrong.

Although the standards of punishment varies from country to country, I believe that teachers should only be allowed to use light punishments such as detention and extra homework when they teach children good behaviors because they have no right to choose punishments that may have a harmful impact. Parents, on the other hand, should punish the child using non-physical methods such as grounding, the confiscation of their gadgets and a scolding. I greatly disprove of physical punishment since it not only installs in a child fear and a sense of insecurity, but also creates a gap between him and his parents. I consider non-physical methods sufficient in teaching a child good behavior, thus making physical ones unnesssesary.

In summary, although punishments seem inevitable in the process of establishing moral standards in a child, I believe that only punishments without involving the harming of physical and mental health should be allowed.

Would you use physical punishment if your child was exhibiting bad behavior?

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