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Effective Parenting Series # 3 - Social Development for Child's Well-Rounded Personality

Updated on April 25, 2012

Admit it, parents: your kids can be so rambunctious, hyperactive and ruin your silence at home. How can you concentrate with your work with all the distractions those little critters rampaging your dining room, living room and kitchen with squeals amid the running and oftentimes scolding and crying.

You want to call you nanny immediately, in order for you to escape the responsibility of effective parenting.

No, don't do that! It's a no-no, if you want to hone your child or set of children to be well-rounded grown-ups in the future.

Punishments can be a little bit harsh, but, don't forget that little affliction of that 'rod' (bamboo stick, one coconut stick) will discipline them and learn what is right and what is wrong.

Hands-on parenting, even if the couple of you juggle your time with jobs and home chores, is still the best advice you can get from a counselor you called for help.

Now, as our third installment comes to this site on HubPages, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, will mean not only the four corners of your home you kids should roam, but also it's high time to explore outside environment, like the neighborhood and the nursery school nearby.

Aside from PLAY and READING STORIES (and also singing with nursery rhymes), a three-year old kid is now ready to explore the much bigger, and mysterious things of the outside world, aside from home.

It's the thing that we'll tackle on this installment of this Parenting hub.

Parenting is now or will now be a two-way process. It started from home and now, it's time to extend it in school.

Effective Parenting via social development should begin at home courtesy of Paradela and Briones Families of Calabanga, Camarines Sur, Philippines (Photo by Travel Man)
Effective Parenting via social development should begin at home courtesy of Paradela and Briones Families of Calabanga, Camarines Sur, Philippines (Photo by Travel Man)

A child's social development

I carried the legacy of my parent's way of parenting up to these days. That's why when I am pseudo-parenting with my sister's children, I always incorporate the right method of disciplining them.

Children can be bossy and unrepentant with what they're doing. Adults should set an example, if you want to discipline them. Don't give in to their caprices, too easy. They might fool you in return.

No offense meant to some parents who are reading this, I can call them, "little devils", because they're witty in conniving with other children in order to do some foolishness with me.

Just recently, I've been spanked hard on my head by the boy of my landlady's sister. This sister witnessed her child's action but never did a move to confront the child. So, my inner-self did an immediate decision to return back the action, although the result brought the child crying in the end and the mother glaring back at me and saying grave accusation of hurting her kid badly.

I reasoned out that the child will not be disciplined anymore, if they (parents) will just tolerate their children's bad attitude.

Although, it hurts, I urged her to personally discipline her child and teach them how to respect adults.

How can those children be well-rounded persons, if they have nasty characters at home or even in school?

So, if parents are to be challenged with the benefits of this thing called 'social development', their children should be with the right persons.

They cannot evade the parenting method of their grandparents, the nannies and the teachers.

Parents will always have the last decision in molding the best future of their children.

With God's help, parents will always persevere.

My own experiences as a child with this thing called social development

"No man is an island."

It's the beginning of an old, classic song. I heard it when I was a child, from my father's baritone voice.

If I will go back to the times, when my needs were just simple, according to my perception as a social development begun when I had my first outside contact (as my memory collates) when our family went to church in the city.

I've seen churchgoers inside an edifice full of statues they called saints, and of course, statue of Jesus Christ in a cross. I tried talking back with those huge structures (according to my measurement). That's when my mother shooed me and ushered me back to my seat as the Catholic priest started his sermon.

During that stage in my life, I began wondering about things and the endless questions of "What is this and that?", "How is this or that made?", "Why is the sky so blue?", "What makes birds fly?", "Why can't I see the wind?", "Who made the trees and the clouds?" and exasperating questions that even my parents surrendered answering.

I cling to the extended members of my family for answers. My uncles, aunts, cousins who were still single will tease me about things that involved: fancy stories and intimate subjects that my mind can't still appreciate or decipher. I wondered where I came from? They'll gave the false answer that I was just been found in a carabao's pond. They always gave wrong answers in order to stop me from questioning.

Even as a child, the question on sexuality is always at bay. Perhaps, in the neighborhood through my childhood friends, I can find the answers why men are different from women.

All those things are still vivid in my memory.

Growing up is so much fun and challenging for a child as he/she begins to socialize with other people, with the same age or older ones.

Older brothers and sisters acted as my inspirations in mimicking their gestures on how to socialize with the visitors at home. There's always a word 'respect' whenever elders and neighbors visited our home. We're not permitted to talk vulgar or unpleasant words with them. Expect some spanking episodes when we did it or simply hang our feet at the rope in a corner of the room for punishment.

Partly, corporal punishment did hone my discipline in and outside of the house.

When I first stepped at the primary school in our barrio, I experienced a new level of parenting from the teacher, who's also a parent herself. Petty faults can be pass out but grave offense must be punished in a right way.

Although, there's a law protecting children of today, parents should help in molding the good character of their children.

Pre-schoolers of Baclaran Daycare and Resource Center being honed to be social responsible persons in the future c/o Mrs. Eleanor B. Barola (Photo by Travel Man)
Pre-schoolers of Baclaran Daycare and Resource Center being honed to be social responsible persons in the future c/o Mrs. Eleanor B. Barola (Photo by Travel Man)


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @raciniwa: Thanks for sharing what you've thought is right in disciplining mischievous children.

      When I was young, I also experienced the little 'devil' in me, when violating the rules my parents have imposed on me.

      I think we all are, when we were children.

    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      interesting hub travel man...and interesting observation on children and parenting...have you heard of the statement: The dark side of the inner child so as to have a light why children are called little devils.