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Effective Time Management Techniques For Working Moms

Updated on December 12, 2015

The presence of time management techniques have proved to be a boon for working mothers of modern times. There are times when it seems impossible for them to juggle work with home care, children, a husband/partner/friend. To accomplish all that tasks women wish they could have more hours in the day. In this chaotic process women end up neglecting themselves in keeping their mind sane and body healthy. However, a huge difference can be made in how those important hours are allocated by using some of the simple techniques for time management.

For effective techniques of time management for working mother, prioritizing is the first thing that is needed. Even when people are really busy a lot of time can be wasted and it is realized that they do not have even a single moment to take a breath. It is a good idea to write down the priorities and then further tasks can be divided into daily and weekly basis. It is easy to place something into perspective if it is on a paper. All the things that require completion must be noted down for everyday and every week. The type of tasks may include the daily office work, completing the weekly shopping and accompanying kids to the baseball practice. After that a second list of things to do has to be prepared, like going to the fitness center, enjoying coffee with a friend and completing the book that has been, for several weeks, sitting on the nightstand.

Thereafter it is time to observe and analyze these two lists. After checking the “must-dos” list it should be asked whether these are the tasks that really require completing on a priority basis. The question that should be asked to self is what will happen if a few of those tasks are not completed. If these activities are really a “must do”, then will the same will be agreed by the people, whose opinions matter most. Certainly it is necessary to go to work. But it may not be a daily requirement if some of the tasks like taking kids to the school is not completed. It requires figuring out how one can get away by not completing a few of the tasks placed in the priority list. Keeping kids away from school is not what it requires. In this matter a friend, who also has kids studying in the same school, can be asked, and a schedule can be worked out for the sharing of taking children to the school on fixed days. It may require, on some days of the week, getting out of home half an hour earlier to pick up other kids. This will result in effectively using the time if an hour is saved on days when the drop off is being done by the other parent.

The option of sharing of duties should be extended to the spouse and children. Time management techniques also involve organizing and delegating works. The tasks and responsibility assigned to each family member for the whole week should be decided at the start of each week. For easy observation and reminding each person the task's timetable during the incoming week, a large white board can be installed. To encourage the kids for helping out more, some kind of reward system can be created. But this does not necessarily mean purchasing treats, it could be simple things like for an evening allowing them to be in charge of the remote control or stay an hour late at the weekend. They will enjoy being involved when the tasks are made fun.

Managing time effectively is often a difficult task, especially for work at home moms. Most of their working time is consumed by the household works because they are mostly at home and do not go to work. However, when proper time management techniques are applied they will have more of the additional time that they always desired.


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