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Electronics Are Ruining Kids

Updated on November 28, 2016
Photo by Phillip Wilson
Photo by Phillip Wilson | Source

Today I realized that kids are doomed. They really are! I don’t see kids hanging out on their own with their friends on bikes or skateboards. I don’t see kids on my block playing hide and seek. What is up?

It seems kids like to constantly be in their rooms playing video games, staring at YouTube, or being on Instagram. It’s sad!

I also notice kids lack social skills. They have a hard time talking to me when I approach them in public. They don’t look at you in the eyes. I wonder how much damage electronics have really caused to this new generation!

Oh yeah, if kids do have activities, it’s because the parents are going out of their ways to make them do it. You know, sports leagues! Parents have to get off work and drive everywhere in order for their kid to have some type of social life besides school!

Kids don’t come home and go out with their friends anymore after they do their homework! instead, they see their friends through Instagram or by playing video games online!

Very f#cking sad if you ask me!


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