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Elementary and Middle School Children legally Smoking Crushed Candy and Pencil Shavings

Updated on April 23, 2013

Elementary and Middle School Children legally Smoking

Smoking Crushed Candy

Pencil shavings are for little kids or so I’m told. In middle school they prefer the “Smarties” candy crushed into powder. Rolling them up into cigarette form and dragging on them to pull the powdery sugar out and into their lungs. The crushed powdery substance is then blown out of their mouth or nose. The smoke is as thick as a real cigarette when they blow it out. Or the kids crush the “Smarties”, lay them on a piece of paper and snort it directly into their noses.

There are reported cases of children getting the partially crushed candy pieces lodged into their noses. Kids are reporting to their parents that their noses are burning. Chronic coughing has also been reported. One of the problems with this trend is that when sugar sits in the lungs or nasal cavity (both moist areas) too long it is a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause infection in that area along with a spasm in the voice box which can cause the voice box to close. Children with asthma are at even greater risk of becoming very ill.

It’s settled it is true ; my twelve year old daughter who is in her first year at middle school said to me; “Mommy the kids mostly boys and a few girls are crushing candy, those Smarties and snorting them or smoking it like a cigarette.” Although I had heard little snippets about this in the news a few months ago, I encouraged her to please tell me all about it. I wanted to know the what, how, who, when and for God’s sake where are the teachers and staff. Shocked to say the least, I had thought it was just an isolated thing, but it’s a fast moving trend! There are how to videos online to teach your child how to smoke candy.

My elementary age son then chimes in with; “yeah I know at my school they use pencil shavings.”

“Oh my God I said, pencil shavings? You mean after the pencils are sharpened, that stuff?"

“Yes mommy." he answered.

Well thinking that pencils may contain lead I really got upset, but with a little research I found out pencils are made of graphite, but the stain or paint coating on the pencil may contain very small levels of lead. It may not kill them, but it will make them sick with prolonged use. The graphite or carbon also stains and can deteriorate the teeth with prolonged use.

Elementary and Middle School Children legally Smoking


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