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Ending the struggle working parents endure

Updated on June 15, 2016
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Angelique is a London-based entrepreneur, writer, and traveller. Her cup of tea includes business, finance, health, media, art and politics.

In 2015, nearly 69.9 percent of mothers in U.S. are working or looking for work while majority of fathers, at 82.1 percent, worked. Now, more than ever, parents are able to stay close to home while working with technologies developed over the years. Even if the emergence of technology may not entirely close the gap between work and home, it made parenting a lot easier and manageable. Imagine what your parents used sans the convenience of technology that modern working parents enjoy today.

The onset of mobile devices loaded with multiple apps have proven to be an invaluable tool in today’s working parents. A study by Edison Research showed that in 2015, smartphone ownership among moms soared by 84 percent, with nearly 94 percent accessing the internet from any location.

Wikihow suggests that working parents should invest in a smartphone with helpful apps to help them manage work and home schedules. Social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter can be avenues for communication between parents and their children’s clubs or organization. Additionally, the Wknd blog says that social media apps help parents stay connected to professional contacts even while away from work.

via Gadgetadda
via Gadgetadda

Gone are the days when parents waste precious productive hours just sitting in a doctor’s clinic when there is a deadline to finish. Today’s modern working parents simply takes their connected smartphone and goes to a mobile personal assistant called, Quip. The mobile app works pretty much like a virtual office that lets users create and organize documents and spreadsheets and collaborate with co-workers. Now, parents can patiently take their kids on medical check-ups and soccer practice and still be able to check on projects and emails.

via Wired
via Wired

One thing working parents struggle with is bills payments where they have to endure long lines in the bank just to settle phone, mortgage, and other utility expenses. But today’s working parent simply launches a bills payment apps from their smartphone and performs transactions online. Mint Bills, a mobile payment app from Intuit, is a one-stop bills payment shop that keeps tabs on monthly bills and even monitors bank accounts and credit cards.

With hundreds of online shopping sites such as Myntra, eBay, Amazon and Target, both mothers and fathers can check on the latest deals even while on office lunch breaks. The best thing about online shopping is that they are delivered right to the buyer’s doorstep for a hassle-free shopping.

Previously, it used to be a challenge for working parents to pursue additional educational degrees, given the dilemma of balancing work and home hours. Still, with the onset of online degree programs and flexible hours, these parents can now earn their MBAs while working.

The convenience that working parents enjoy today may not have been possible without a valuable technological innovation known as the internet. Nearly all smartphone applications and mobile apps require access to the internet. Today, more than ever, connectivity becomes a crucial part of owning a smartphone, especially for working parents. Thankfully, mobile tech innovators such as 5BARz International, Ubersignal, and Samsung, provided mobile users with the option to stay connected even while in the home or office. The technology that enhances weak indoor signals can be seen in the network extender of 5BARz.

The great amount of flexibility, connectivity and productivity technology gives working parrents are extremely helpful nowadays. Balancing work and home activities is considerably eased. Still, while technology plays a significant role in helping parents perform their duties, it can only do so much. There are times when working parents need to “disconnect” for a while, to give priority to quality time with children and real conversation with friends.


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