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Endless Umbilical

Updated on January 2, 2010

Endless umbilicals.



With Motherly Joy

immersed within

the grasping of
their tiny cherub arms,

two souls will

always be connected

despite the severing

of the scalpel.

This viable life
delicately formed,

smiling toothless
when faces are pressed
together but not quite
connected in that
umbilical way
that stretches

heart to heart,
and leaves you both
two as one now
and living in accord.

You laugh and play
like each mother and child
has done so

for countless centuries
and even when at last
they leave your nest.

That long umbilical
will stretch with them
and you will always
be a part of them.

they in turn

will always be
a part of you
not just on earth,
but when the heavens claim
the spirit of your soul
as it is flown above.

That endless cord will cross
the distance linking them
together with

your precious
heart now free.

Until at last
they too are called
to follow up along
that endless cord
back to their mothers arms
and there you'll spend
eternity enriched

by the sweet life
that God has granted
evermore to you.

On earth God trusted

each to your care
and wished you well
but tethered you

with an invisible bond

to keep
the ties that bind

Where do moms go
when children cut

the apron strings
and thrown them down
and leave them all alone.

It matters not for

motherhood is eternal

There will always be
residues of love

on your face

and thiers.

Like flesh moons,

when the sunsets of each life
you will rise above a world
to peace and life
and joy all wrapped as one
and tightly tethered
by that endless cord.


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