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6 Effective Ways To Improve the Confidence of Your Child

Updated on July 20, 2016

Raising a Confident Child

Praising and honoring a child with low self esteem is the prerequisite for enabling that child to lead a progressive life. Low self esteem destroys the potential of a child. All of its childhood joys and fantasies are overshadowed by a sense of unworthiness. A child can not perform well academically or condition itself to make the correct choices required for success in life. Unless this condition is diagnosed and eliminated, frustration and a low quality of existence will be the result.

A child with low self-esteem, especially if it is severe, can be spotted anywhere in a crowd. For instance, if he is on the playground he will most likely be separated from the others, playing alone. If she is in the classroom she will rarely participate in classroom discussions and is uncomfortable asking the teacher for help. At home, she hardly ever ventures from the porch to play with other children and mostly likely stays closed up in his room when the family visitors are over. There is a chance, if the condition is not corrected while young, a child will question the worthiness of its life.

A number of effects exist in the lives of children who suffer from low self-esteem:


A)Grief and frustration strangles the life of children who experience lack of confidence due to low self-esteem. Because he or she cannot adopt to the personalities of other children, he misses out on a lot of fun. He may feel that others will embarrass him if he doesn't know how to play a game or he may be ashamed at the sound of his speech. Therefore, he is sad and upset with life. However, according to the National Mental Health Information at the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a child with good self-esteem can take charge of a situation, handling both positive and negative emotions.


B)Children with low self-esteem can not cope with the challenges and rejection necessary for success in life. They fear it. However, in order to achieve excellence, life requires us to face constant problems and overcome them. We must bounce back immediately or stand a chance of letting our dreams pass by. The latter is the outcome for children who suffer from low self-esteem. They simply can not cope with the pressure of going forward.


C)Another effect of children with low self-esteem is victim consciousness. Children who suffer from this condition may feel like others are against them, even though other children might attempt to offer them constructive criticism. Others advice is taken as an attack. For instance, children are quite blunt when it comes to telling another child that his classwork is not done properly or that his math problems are not done in the correct order. Because he is not used to this kind of interaction, a child with low self-esteem may become offended.

Uncomfortable Around Adults

D)A child with low self-esteem will most likely feel awkward and uncomfortable within an adult sitting. She may feel like someone is constantly watching her to see if she makes a mistakes. For example, when she is interacting with a group of adults(maybe family friends) she may freeze up and cannot think or speak. When the teacher asks her for her opinion on the lesson, she struggles to ex press what she has learned, since all the attention is directed on her.


Esteeming A Child Toward Success

Clearly, such negative effects displayed by any child is a prelude to a complicated life full of suffering and shame. Therefore low self-esteem must be dealt with immediately while the child is still fairly young. Overcoming the problem gets more difficult as the child grows up in age and begins to rebel against mental and psychological redirection, especially during teenage years when peer pressure is at a maximum. A parent can use six effective techniques to encourage high self-esteem within his or her child:

  • A great deal of love must be shown to a child with low self-esteem. He must often be embraced by parents or guardians. Embracing a child gives it a sense of security and warmth. It signals that everything is going to be alright. Babies are a good example. When babies are born they must be embraced to experience a connection with their mother. A baby that is not embraced or does not feel the love of his mother may become ill. Therefore, to embrace a child is to create a sense of oneness.

Rating Your Relationship with Your Child

How often Do You Highly Esteem Your Child?

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  • Parents must sat down and have a comprehensive talk with their son or daughter. As children age, they may tend to hold things within them. A heart to heart talk will reach deep down into a child's secret chamber(the heart) and bring up critical issues that must be faced in order to heal. Emotional, psychological and physical abuse could be hiding in the child's heart. Issues such as sexual abuse and bullying must be resolved immediately if the child is to avoid shame and guilt.

  • A child with low self-esteem must be told that she is loved. Saying “I love you” as often as possible tells a child that she is special. Everyone wants to feel worthy to somebody. A sense of specialness boosted the self-esteem of a child considerably. When a child feels special he or she will mostly likely be motivated to share himself with others. He realizes that he is a unique person among other children. Love makes such an impact.

  • Giving a child quality time will help shape his life. Many children have parents who neglect them on a regular basis. Such neglect may not be deliberately. Perhaps the parents must work two or more jobs to make ends meet or maybe the parents are young and are unable to understand the significance of spending qualities time with children. A father going fishing with his son, a mother going shopping with her daughter are simple ways to spending quality time with a child.

Encouraging High Self-Esteem

  • Parents must enlist relatives such as Uncles and Aunts, sisters and brothers as well as teachers and family friends into the task of resolving a child's self-esteem problem. The more acceptance a child feels who is battling with low self-esteem, the more likely she will grow out of the condition. The whole reason for low self-esteem is due to the lack of feeling unworthy. The worthier a child feels the more character it will express toward others.

  • In some cases, (when parents find it difficult to reach a child) the need for professional counseling and emotional therapy may be considered as an option. Parents should search the internet for a child counseling program within their city. Child counseling experts may have more knowledge, wisdom , material and tools to handle the problem of low self-esteem in children. However, before you choose counseling for your child, do a thorough background check on the program as well as the counselor. Look at the qualification, track record and other credentials of the counselor.

Such is the secret of raising confident children. High self-esteem empowers a child to take on countless opportunities and enhances his ability to be successful in life. When a child has high self-esteem he is ready for every challenge. He knows who he is as well as his value in the circles of life. He is not afraid to be creative and is most likely to take the initiative in situations that call for critical decisions. Therefore, parents must be aware of how their child interacts and connects with its surroundings, including other children as well as significant adults within their lives. Parents must monitor the child's behavior at home, school as well as the community. Since the essence of life will always consist of such connections, parents must groom a child to operate successfully within them. Raising children with high self-esteem should be the primary goal of every parent.


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