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Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk With The Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Updated on June 18, 2012

If you have a special situation that prevents you from feeding your baby at the breast, exclusively pumping breast milk might be the best option for you. There are many reasons moms choose pumping breast milk exclusively, such as having a premature baby or if your baby is tungue tied. If you have decided exclusively pumping breast milk is for you, you can make it work long-term. The key is to have the right attitude and the right equipment, specifically a hospital grade breast pump. A hospital-grade pump is made to establish your milk supply, rather than simply maintaining supply, something even more important when exclusively pumping breast milk. Consider the Medela Symphony Breast Pump - it could make all the difference for you. For moms who are going to be pumping exclusively and don’t want to supplement with formula, the Medela Symphony may help ensure your milk supply. If you have a strong belief in the benefits of breast milk over formula, invest in a Symphony hospital grade breast pump before switching to a formula supplement.

If you will be exclusively pumping breast milk, the pump you choose will make all the difference. The Medela Symphony is a great option. The Medela symphony is a hospital-grade double electric pump available for home use. It truly is a top-of-the-line breast pump with the latest innovation in hospital-grade pumps. In some cases, your insurance company may even cover the cost of the pump. Once you have your pump, you will want to establish a regular pumping schedule to ensure an ample supply.

Another benefit of the Medela Symphony Breast Pump is the 2-Phase Expression Technology which mimics a baby's natural nursing pattern. It has a letdown phase which automatically switches to regular pumping. The Stimulation Phase is fast and light sucking to start milk flowing followed by the Expression Phase, slow and stronger sucking to deliver more milk faster. The Symphony allows you to tailor the expressing pattern to your particular let-down speed. The Medela Symphony is also truly quiet. Something you will grow to appreciate.

If you will be exclusively pumping breast milk, you may also want to contact a lactation consultant in your area. She will be able to provide a great deal of assistance and support for your particular situation. The first few weeks of breastfeeding are difficult, but if you are set on pumping exclusively, you can make it work. Once you have developed a routine for pumping and feeding, the situation will become much easier and almost second nature.


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