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Expression of the heart, a letter to daddy

Updated on August 6, 2016

A letter to daddy...

How thankful I am to have you Daddy. You have always been a treasure unto me. The times when you were far, I would long day and night to see you again home. That was long ago, when I still lived at the countryside, you were then working in the town. I would see you, and feel good. Each time you came to vacation, I would be a glad boy. Running to and fro like an active young stallion, you know Daddy, I never told you this then. I never told you then that I loved you. I had also not been able to tell you how much I liked you. The games we would play together for that short time, would be a quality inerasable picture in my memories. We did not have much time together, I do not know whether to say that time was enough or less, for it was enough to be rembered and much more to be longed for.Sometimes I say to myself I know you, but I still then wonder If I indeed do know you? Maybe I know enough but I still ask myself what do I still have to know.

Is it a good thing that my heart should be hid from you Daddy? No! I would always love to entrust things in you even now that am a young man, then it is just as good as the childhood times we would play together. Stand Daddy, stand in your intergrity, continue in this, let me know that I can love you and always trust you. Then I will keep no secrets, for Daddy will remain to be a trustyworthy friend, always so near.

I will then continue to express myself, and tell you of those times, yes, those times when I missed you terribly. Not forgetteing how I miss you now. Then we can talk more like mutual friends, and make our decisions together. To discuss issues at the table.


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