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Eyes Open, People!

Updated on September 1, 2012

Making eye contact could save (at least) your life!

What I see on a daily basis would make you cringe! They include but are not limited to:

  • Pedestrians walking across intersections, engrossed in their texting, phone call or actual book reading
  • Pedestrians crossing streets, most often on a diagonal, from in between parked vehicles (again often engrossed as above)
  • Pedestrians crossing the streets on a red light, pushing baby strollers and often with one or two children - no hands being held and children not within arms reach of the adult
  • Drivers failing to signal a turn or come to a stop at appropriate signage (i.e. 4-way stops, stop lines) and barely missing someone who actually had the right of way

What do all these have in common? Not a single one, in my experience, has ever made eye contact with approaching drivers! Not one seems to have any care for themselves, let alone others in the direct area.

Have the parents not taught their children common sense and basic safety?

I try to make contact with pedestrians and drivers alike, when I see the former crossing the street (especially not at a designated crossing) and the latter at all intersections. It's just a matter of common sense to see where you are going and to keep safe!

C'mon people! Open your eyes!!


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    • totallyPATTI profile image

      Patricia-Ann Morrison 5 years ago from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

      Must be a lot of New Yorkers now residing in Sudbury.... it's just car-azy!

    • Daniel Cravener profile image

      Daniel Elliott Cravener 5 years ago from USA

      in New York, if you make eye contact you have to stop. As long as you don't look you can go

    • Homesteading profile image

      Julie Z 5 years ago from North Central Florida

      I am ashamed to sit here and tell you that I have almost hit someone, because I was watching the cars to the left (making sure they came to a complete stop), while the person walking in the median had the right. I put my hand up and mouthed "sorry" but she was not happy. And rightfully so. I could have killed her. This is a great warning to all us drivers, as well as all you walkers.