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Mormonism 101: FHE is for Family Home Evening

Updated on November 16, 2014

What is FHE?

Ok, Family Home Evening (FHE) is definitely a Mormonism thing, but don't get me wrong, FHE isn't ONLY for Mormons, or LDS members; any family can plan, prepare, and host a Family Home Evening. Its title is pretty self-explanatory. It's one evening in a week (Traditionally Mondays, don't ask me why) set aside to spend with family. This time is not only used for quality time, but it can also be used as a discussion, study-the-scriptures or other material and/or learning/teaching moment.

Why is Family Home Evening so Important?

How can we expect to cultivate relationships if we don't spend the time to nurture them? How can we expect our family relations to be strong if we're too busy with our TV programs, video games, computers, ipods and so forth, that we're not willing to stop and spend time with each other?

Imagine just for a moment, a home in which nobody fights with each other, the kids say their Please's and Thank-yous, dinner as a family is looked forward to, and everybody understands where the other is coming from. How can we expect such relationships if we don't take the time to foster them? Family Home Evening helps us lay that crucial foundation. As with any structure, the building is only as good as its foundation is strong. A good family is built upon strong relations and values. As we take time to spend with family, get to know each other, form relationships and memories, we build that strong foundation of love and trust that will keep our families strong in the years to come


How to Start a FHE

There are many ways to go about bringing FHE into your home:

The first step is to choose an evening when the family can be together. If needs be, make arrangements with work or other extra-curricular activities so that you may have the night open and available.

A good second step would be to plan to start the evening with a sit-down at the table Family Dinner. Engage the family before hand in preparing the meal, or setting the table etc. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, its the quality of the time spent together, not the "perfect dinner".

Third, make it FUN! This is memorable family time, make it memorable! Keep enough control that things don't go out of hand and you end up setting the kitchen on fire, but enjoy the time together.

Fourth, center the evening on a lesson, principle, value, etc. Learn something from each other, plan a sharing/teaching moment. This can be done through an interactive game, movie, family outing, etc. The values and principles our children learn at a young age will help them to make and keep correct choices when they get older.

Finally, end the day with a review of what was learned, how everybody feels, what can be improved etc. Make things interesting, rotate who gets to pick the event next week, or who will lead out. Another good idea would be to discuss things as a family that you would like to improve on, perhaps less TV, or arguing in the family. Set goals to accomplish throughout the week and review the progress during the next FHE.

What's listed above are some suggestions to start, there are no "rules" really to hosting a FHE. the most important thing is that you are spending time with your family. The rest is up to you.


Where are our Priorities?


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