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Updated on August 8, 2009

Here She Goes Again

Well, my angel Bella came into my bedroom at 1:30am because she had a bad dream and she needed a glass of water. The last few days have been a bit chaotic and my little "Firestarter" is part of the reason. She had been acting up and waking up at night these last couple of nights which is rare. There have been issues with her moods when she is really hungry lately and this has "ignited" a ferocious spark. Her older brother has run for cover on many occasions and we have often joked about her behavior when she "loses it." She is very mature for a 6 year old, but she is still young and has had her struggles lately.

I often wonder if both of my children are hyperglycemic since their moods seem to change according to their meal schedule. Since it is Summer this has been even harder to monitor since they have taken up snacking "big time!" I have tried to only give my Bella juice with her breakfast, but hold off the rest of the day so she does not feel "falsely full" while she picks at her food. There have been times when I thought she had eaten and then the tears start coming and before you know it she just can't stop escalating the issue even if it was silly. Once the little "Firestarter" is on a roll, there is no stopping her!

My son and Bella get along really well and they are almost three years apart. They both are very sensitive and passionate and the only time they have issues is when they are hungry or tired. My son has often tried to push her buttons and it usually works especially if she is tired and grumpy. Two kids home for the Summer brings new challenges and I try to keep them occupied enough that they will stop irritating each other. I noticed that my son has been a bit more moody lately and I have come to realize that he was a lot more active in sports during the school year. Since it is really hot where we live, I have tried to take him out earlier in the morning to shoot baskets or run the track with me. Boys at the age of 9 need to use up a lot more energy to keep them happy. It also keeps the moods at bay.

Bella loves her brother but he is the first one for her to start a "fire" or fight with and maybe this is because she knows he will take it from her and still play with her afterwards. I on the other hand do not do very well when she picks a fight with me. I get a bit incensed and I try not to act like a child, but when the "Firestarter" picks me as her victim I know that I will have no "me" time. As a mother of two young children, I need this "wind down" time to catch my breath or get some work done.

So, sometimes I'm not patient enough and this only makes things worse. You see, I was once a "Firestarter" when I was her age and I needed a lot of extra attention. Not because I was alone, but because I wanted to see how people would react to me. The extra attention I received I took as a sort of "love" and affection. Fire comes with passion and even in a child this part needs to be expressed and nurtured. Sometimes I just do not understand and I just try to rid myself of the problem. But the fact is that you can never rid yourself from a "Firestarter" because they just will not let you go or get off too easy. They love you too much. 



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    • maplestory22 profile image

      maplestory22 8 years ago from USA

      Love the title G. Great picture as well! cant wait till your next hub!

    • LilianEden profile image

      LilianEden 8 years ago

      Gina! Could be the FULL MOON ECLIPSE we just had! LOL

      Loved this piece!