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Four Loko Ingredients Get Loko Banned

Updated on January 16, 2012

Is Your College Teen Drinking Four Loko?

12% alcohol gets you inebriated quicker as the energy drink aspects and caffeine begin to kick-in. It is estimated that Four Loko's 24 ounce can is equal to 3 regular beers. That means this beverage has 4-times the alcohol content of a regular beer; 1 can, 1 serving, and you could be intoxicated. Four Loko offers you this quick buzz with the addition of caffeine and energy drink extras costing you less than $3.00!

Experts have determined time after time that alcohol and caffeine combined are known to be risky, yet that simple fact remains bothersome information for college students. Where college culture finds binge drinking very common, Four Loko stands at the head of the class and why not? The 12% alcohol drink adds a punch of caffeine for around $3, fitting nicely into the college students budget and party requirements.

Another concern is that the labeling can be misleading or have a hidden excuse for underage buyers. Because the labeling resembles non-alcohol energy drink packaging, when asked for ID, the illegal buyer can claim confusion. "I thought is was just an energy drink. I didn't know it had alcohol."

One of the biggest concerns regarding the energy beverage is that the combination of ingredients get you intoxicated, but you feel like you're okay. It's as if you feel you can handle the situation, without knowing you're intoxicated and in possible danger. A Wake Forest University study showed that student who combined alcohol and caffeine are much more likely to incur or cause alcohol-related injuries, than those who consumed just alcohol.



  1. one 23.5-ounce tall boy can legally intoxicate a 223 pound person if consumed in an hour or less.
  2. Phusion, which was founded in 2006 by three friends who met at Ohio State University, invites its customers to submit their “hottest Four party pictures” to the company’s website.
  3. Phusion, the maker of four loko sponsors beer pong tournaments in colleges and else where. It posts uncensored testimonials on its site.
  4. On Four Lokos web site there are no claims that its caffeine and other additives will keep you awake, improve your alertness, minimize your drunkenness, or increase your energy. Nor do its fans seem to embrace these potential benefits of the product. Instead, they mostly talk about the drink’s potency: the way it makes them black out or throw up or do crazy things.

Government and Students Respond

The Wall Street Journal made clear that several Attorneys General are looking closely at Four Loko's health risks. The beverage sits quietly among energy beverages like Monster and Red Bull at gas stations. The colorful packaging triggers curiosity in young adult customers, who it would seem the packing is geared towards. The 12% alcohol content is included on the packaging, but you have to look for it.

A passionate rebuttal 'pops' up when Four Loko's safety is challenged. All of those who have had the evening of binge drinking with the alcoholic energy drink, may not have experienced the black-outs and dangerous situations the drink often brings; allowing for a greater confidence in the drinks safety. Which, may lead to greater future consumption, creating a far more dangerous scenario than could be imagined.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission thinks Four Loko as well as alcohol and caffeine energy drinks like it, are worthy of concern as they have decided to take a closer look at all beverages that combine alcohol and caffeine in their formula.

Four Loko has vibrant packaging like non-alcohol energy drinks

Passionate rebutle on the subject of Four Loko and Safety

I wrote an article on the subject of Four Loko in June of 2010, (read the article at this link and received several comments that supported the idea that Four Loko and drinks like it may well present a dangerous situation to inexperienced drinkers and under aged drinkers alike. However, I also received a disturbing number of comments voicing they felt strongly that Four Loko was a fine drink that they had indulged in and had few, if any fear in doing so again.

I have removed the more "Pro-Four Loko" comments from the previous article on Four Loko. My reason for offering these comments within this story are to make parents and family better aware of the debate they may face with their teen or college age children. As close as the packaging may be to the alcohol free beverage like Arizona Tea, makes me wonder how often FOUR LOKO is walking right past unknowing parents and guardians in homes this very day. Any alcohol drink that is willing to hide itself among the colorful youthful packaging of energy drinks, needs to be assessed for its true merits, regardless of how fitting it may be at a college binge party.


Do you think alcohol with caffeine beverages should be packaged in obvious designs?

See results

FOUR LOKO brings strong opposition in many forms as indicated by this assumption graph regarding unemployment


The comments appear unedited and as they were written within the comments section of the Four Loko - Banned by 12% alcohol and a punch of Caffeine Ingredients! hub. No spelling or grammar corrections and no censoring of strong language has been made.

  • ThomasHT 7 days ago "The simple fact of the matter is that all individuals are born with a set of inherent rights that should never, under any circumstance, be taken away. One of these specific rights is that we control our bodies, and we alone can control our bodies. What we put into our mouths and our bodies is our choice and our choice alone.

    So to somehow ban a product for not being recognized as "generally safe" is outrageous. Couple this with the fact that FDA still allows trans-fatty acids to be introduced into food, the continued use of corn-derived fructose (which has been shown to encourage metabolic syndrome and diabetes more so than just simple sucrose), as well as the legal use of artificial sweeteners, and we have incredibly hypocritical circumstance. If we let people engage in only some activities and only consume some substances which is detrimental to their health, while we ban the others that we find "objectionable", then what does that say about our society?

    Banning a product that's selling well and that people can't consume responsibly isn't fair to the manufacturer and it certainly isn't fair to the consumer. I don't live in a nanny-state, so let me make my own decisions. It's not your life."

  • BExum Sr 12 days ago "I dnt knw wut all the fuss is about, four loko is a great beer. I had 2 tall cans lastnite, not only tht, but i went too the bar afterwards and had a pitcher, thn went to my cousin's crib and had some vodka & kool-aid. The main problem is the kids who drink it like its kool-aid and want too have drinking contest or show off. I'm 28 years old & i've been doing this 4 along time, not only that but I know how too drink and I also know my limit. If these parents where parents at all then they would have raised a responsible teenager, & if these young adults in college had any common since they would know that malt beer that is 12% is not the same as Bud Light or Coors Light and it cant be drank the same way as you would those kinds of beers. Come on people lets not be ignorant all our lives, if you dnt knw how too drink or handle your drinks the least you can do is learn your limits. I live in Co. and we still sale Four Loko, if they stop saling it because of some kids playing games who obviously shouldn't be drinking in the first place i'll be a lil upset. I'm not saying that the drink is more important then someones life, I'm just saying that there is a lot of things out here in this world that kill young people but they continue to sale them so what makes a drink so different? If you're gonna stop selling a beer because young kids have died then stop selling guns or better yet, tell the Government too stop bringing drugs into the country & selling that shit."

  • shaniti22 2 weeks ago "I like four loko this has been my drink since it has come out it is better than a SPARKS. They tried to ban SPARKS and they are still on the market. As far as teens drinking this drink "WHY" and what are the partents doing about it. It seems like the parents are trying to blame someone for what their kids are doing instead of blaming themselves for it. I love four loko and i hope it stays on the market. What next they are going to ban all alcoholic drinks. I WOULD VOTE YES TO KEEP FOUR LOKO ON THE MARKET."

4 Teens Hospitalized from Four Loko (2 min. 10 sec. video)

Comments for "FOUR LOKO Ingredients Get Loko Banned"

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  • profile image


    5 years ago

    My wife likes it. She pours a small glass, reseals the can with the provided seal, and sips, NO PROBLEM! You don't have to drink stupid.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    to put it simply there is no danger , collage kids binge drink on 40% vodka and energy drink's like red bull should we ban vodka and take red bull off the market ? the fact of the matter is caffeine pills can be bought for around $2 per gram and is readily available and you can buy cheap bottles of vodka for $5 that equal 20 normal 8oz cans of beer people have been drinking TONS of redbull and vodka for the last 10 years getting allot more messed up then on energybeers this is just fear mongering media hype that is probably backed by major bear company's that lose money due to better tasting cheaper products

  • profile image

    Forum | Bye Video 

    8 years ago

    It's just like sparks and that's been around awhile. I personally wont purchase again cause I can clearly taste the low grade alcohol. But to ban this drink is ludacris. There are plenty of other drinks (like sparks) youngsters will drink anyway.

    Continue reading at Four Loko Alcohol Energy Drink Causing Young People to Black Out? | NowPublic News Coverage

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    9 years ago from Northern, California

    SGFR~ Hey hub buddy! Thanks for stopping by. This drink is way to strong for me, that is for certain. If I drank a four loko, no telling what would happen. So, I will stick with a glass of cab-sav and call it a day.


    susan~ I agree, if people could control themselves around alcohol the point woould be mute. But, when young drinkers consume four loko, the risks increase wildly. In my opionion it is simply too dangerous. I appreciate your comments very much.


  • suzannao profile image


    9 years ago from Texas

    I had heard of this drink and didn't realize the dangers. It would be easy to say 'just drink responsibly' but we all know the majority of people don't listen.

  • schoolgirlforreal profile image


    9 years ago

    I tried it like once or twice the most. I noticed it had 12% alcohol after that. It was at the liquor store and I liked twisted tea so I thought it would be good. But I didn't like it, it was too strong and I didn't enjoy it. It wasn't even worth the $3 to me. Now I only drink beer , lite usually, cause other stuff is sugary. A cold beer once in a while does fine for me! :)

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    9 years ago from Northern, California

    Money Glitch~I do feel this drink can be dangerous as underaged drinkers have access to it. The packaging has a hidden agenda in my opinion. It reaches out to the younger college age students and offers a perfect disguise at benge parties. 12% alcohol and caffeine in a 19 year old bloodstream is simply an aweful combination.

    Thank you for your comments and for stopping by.


  • Money Glitch profile image

    Money Glitch 

    9 years ago from Texas

    Wow, I've heard about this drink, however did not realize it had such strong ingredients. 12% alcohol is stronger than some wines on the market. Since your title says, "teens" it sounds as though there is not an age limit on this drink. This is very dangerous especially in the hands of kids. Thanks for sharing this info. :(

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    9 years ago from Northern, California

    Mickey Dee~ Thank you for the read. I really like your idea to offer some reward for those who refrain from drinking. If only we could get one-on-one with at-risk teens! Appreciate your comments.


  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 

    9 years ago

    Very good post. There is so much experimenting. I do wish there was a better way to learn. Students get grades for doing well in school. Maybe extra credit should be given for abstaining. God bless!

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    9 years ago from Northern, California

    Patty Inglish, MS~ I agree with you. If a measure of self is based on an alcohol bender, surely reassessment of our life goals should be in short order. Thank you for the read Patty, I truly appreciate the comments.


  • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

    Patty Inglish MS 

    9 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

    Never heard of this beverage until I read your Hub and think the formula could be bad for health.

    I have never understood the way some alcohol drinkers present the state of drunkenness - now, drunkenness with a high on lesser stimulants - as something to be admired and achieved as quickly and as often as possible.


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