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FREE Baby Sonogram Ultrasounds At Local Colleges – Fact or Fiction?

Updated on May 3, 2012

Awhile back the Mrs. and I went to the baby doctor for a regular checkup and we attempted to convince him to do an ultra sound so we could determine the health and the sex of our latest addition. Well it turns out she was only 18 weeks along, and they normally tell the parents the sex of the child at week 20 or later. We thought we would be slick and ask nicely. My wife had on her pouty face and everything. Like a machine, the doctor simply deflected the sad, sad look on her face and informed us that even if he whipped out his magical baby viewing scope, he probably would not be able to tell yet anyway. I’m sure it was rehearsed, and I’m sure we weren’t the first couple to ask this question early. I was amazed though at his ability to not fall for her sad pouty face though… (Mental Note: Ask Doctor how in the heck he did that!)

So the next day the Mrs. and I were talking about it, and despite being two of the very most impatient people in the world, we decided it would be OK to wait another month until her next OBGYN appointment. She did however mention that the thought crossed her mind to seek out a free ultra sound… Wait, back up the bus, you mean there have been free options all along and I have been shelling out a copay all this time? Well sorta… It turns out that some of the local community college and technical schools in our area actually need victims… err….. patients for students to test their skills. We have a local Keiser College in our area that actually has a program for ultrasound techs..

While living right next door, or even on campus doesn’t guarantee a freebie view of your kiddo, it’s a good start. The first thing you would want to do is check on your local school’s website to see if they offer any courses with ultrasound equipment. If they do, odds are you might be able to find information about where and when you can utilize this often times free service. Look specifically in their health or nursing section for something mentioning “Sonography”. Keiser actually has a degree called “Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography” BAM! Now click on the contact us link and make a phone call to see what they can do. If you just get through to their operator who probably doesn’t know much about anything, be sure to ask for the chair or head of the appropriate program.

I should give you a few words of caution though: This is not a replacement for prenatal or OBGYN care! Remember these are students, not doctors… You must take that information for what it is worth, a FREE look at your unborn..


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