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Factors that Influence Home Management

Updated on August 19, 2009

Every family member is expected to contribute to a wholesome family homelife. It can be achieved by giving your full knowledge, skills and interests to ensure achievement of goals and objectives.

Efficient management of resources is necessary in all aspects of family living. These are the steps in managing family resources: planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating.

1.      Planning is defined as looking at the future to determine where and in what state you want your family life to be.

2.      Organizing involves the assigning of tasks to family members in the form of duties and responsibilities.

3.      Directing is motivating and leading the family members to achieve and realize goals.

4.              Controlling is checking on how well the family members are performing the planned activities.

5.              Evaluating is the final step of home management referred to as looking back to the past where you have been and what you have done to help identify mistakes in the prepared plan and help facilitate better plans for the future.

A wholesome and stable family life can be ensured if every member will do his duties and responsibilities. Material as well as human resources such as abilities, knowledge, skills and talents must be properly utilized for the satisfaction of the needs and wants of every family member. Priorities of the family must be identified, taking into consideration the values, attitudes and lifestyle of the family. Involvement in community activities must be included in the plan.

Efficient management of home activities can be done if you systematically plan ahead of schedule the activities for household tasks that could be weekly or monthly. Work loads could be arranged for effective use.

Family members must share skills, knowledge, talents, and attitudes for the welfare of the family. Unity at home must be developed for a successful homelife. Each member must have his/her own duties and responsibilities for him/her to have free time for relaxation and recreation.


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