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Facts on Breastfeeding tips for mothers

Updated on May 25, 2009

Facts on Breastfeeding

•   Human breast milk: is individualized for each baby, The composition of breast milk changes con­stantly to meet the baby's needs. During the first few days after giving birth, the breasts will secrete a thick, yellowish trans- ! lucent fluid called colostrums. Which is high in protein, vitamins and minerals;. Colostrum gives a newborn a nutritional jumpstart

•   Easily digested. Breast milk con­tains lactalbumin (a protein) that can be digested easily by babies. Unlike those found in cow's milk, caseinogens may cause colic, gas

or spitting up in sensitive infants.

•   Contains less sodium and protein. Sodium and protein may cause kidney problems among infants: Human breast milk with its low content of sodium and protein does not cause these problems.

•   Contains antibodies that protect the baby. These antibodies help baby fight off common childhood diseases and recover from illnes­ses more quickly.

•   Better calcium absorption. Based from previous studies, human breast milk contains approximate­ly 27 mg/100 ml. of calcium. 13.1% of this is being absorbed.

•   Allergy~free. Unlike cow's milk formula that sometimes causes al­lergy, babies are never allergic to breast milk. Unless, the mother has eaten something that may have passed the breast milk and ab­sorbed by the baby during feeding. Does not cause diarrhea or constipation The human breast milk has a built-in sterilization • process that has destroyed harmful microorganisms and encourages the growth of beneficial micro organisms, maintaining these at a normal level.

Convenience. There is no need to heat, sterilize the bottles and is always at a perfect temperature suited for the baby's needs. Breast milk can also be expressed in advance and kept in freezer for bottle feeding, if the needs arises.

Stronger mother-baby relationship

mother and child is a moment in

their life they are most likely to treasure

- No special diets  are   required for nursing mothers, however she has to be careful in choosing what she

eats. It is advisable for the mother to keep track of what she has I eating and avoid the offending roods' to relieve the baby from any discomfort. However, a doctor should be consulted first before making any changes in the diet.


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