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Families and Friends - A Wonder Treasure

Updated on April 29, 2015


Family, the greatest gift that could be bestowed upon a person. It's also the most under-appreciate gift that is common in this world. But, there are some who are unfortunate to receive such a magnificent gift. These are the orphans. I hope that these children will also be able to live in a wonderful family. I can't tell how fortunate I am to live in such a wonderful family. I have a pair of wonderful parents and siblings. Unfortunately, one of my sibling was snatched away from my family because of something called 'Love'. The word 'family' might have a definite definition, but for me the definition of 'family' is warmth, love, trust, enjoyment and other positive things. Even if anger or sorrow happens in a family, the strong bonds will keep it together. What I don't consider a family is people jointed by fake bonds. For an example, A mother who takes care of her young for the sake of her social status. Though this is not common, there are some people like this.


Friends are a group of people who get along with each other. Friends usually make one another laugh. But, only true friends will stick with you till the very end. Friends might come and go, but a true friend will always stay by your side. Friends are also similar to family, except you might feel much at ease when talking to a friend. For example, my sister feels much more at ease with her best friend than our mother. On the contrary, I feel much more at ease with my mom. That's mainly because she's my true and best friend. And if you don't know, this profile belongs to my mother. This is her son writing.

Friend or family, what matter is what you consider of a person. From my point of view, a person could be your friend, family or both. In the end, those words may have a definition according to the dictionary, but the definition varies by the beholder. That's all I got. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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