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Game Of Thrones.

Updated on June 16, 2019

Family Duty Honor

I know there are many of you who do not watch the game of thrones or are annoyed by its talks. Putting aside all those things that you’ve heard about this season, the series conveyed some real message that I thought had to be shared. For those of you who are annoyed by this last season, I hope this article helps you to elucidate the whole series in a subtle and acceptable manner.

Basically, the season is fiction and comprises seven kingdoms. These kingdoms consist of various houses and among these, only the four are highly famous and reputed. The Targaryens who ruled them, the Starks on the north, Lanisters on the west and the Barratheons on the east. The Barratheons rebelled against the crown and overthrow the Targaryens due to a personal dispute between the two.

Starks was the aristocratic and honored house of all the seven kingdoms. Led by Eddard stark (usually called Ned), warden of the north and father of five. But something happened that shook the prosperity and the kingdom fell into the civil war, which lasted ten years.

Eddard had 2 other sons apart from his own three sons and two daughters. He had a bastard from the first war and the second child he adopted from a later rebellion, (the Greyjoy rebellion). Taking one as a bastard and adopting the other is indeed bizarre, but his decision of doing this holds immense significance that would be told in the following.

Due to some reasons and close friendship Eddard is now named the hand of the king (prime minister) by the crown, house Baratheon. The king gets murdered first, part of the conspiracy by the Lanisters and his son ascends to the throne. The Lanisters then framed Eddard for treason and the new king executed him in front of his own daughter, just to show what he is capable of doing.

Horror struck for House Stark. Their youngest child got paralyzed for life because he was pushed out from the window of a tower as there he saw something which he was not supposed to. The fourth one was brutally murdered in front of the whole clan in an arbitrary trade and then eventually his murder resulted in a battle (viewers will know). The two daughters were lost in the capitol.

The first born, the eldest of them all was horribly killed at his cousin’s wedding. He was killed along with his wife and mother. The couple just learned about they had become parents before the event and were celebrating along until tragedy ripped them apart. The mother saw her children slaughtered but still found courage despite her injuries and spoke to the owner of the house in which it was all arranged, begged to leave his firstborn, just let her life’s work, her legacy to be left tenacious on earth, while his son was breathing his last. But the Lord said why would he do that, what benefit will he get, if he spared his life? For indeed he was promised gold by the lanisters. The mother after seeing her firstborn being brutally murdered embraced her fate and was slit throat to death.

Now remaining, the daughters, the Incapacitate, the bastard and the adopted were the only survivors of house stark. The Incapacitate became the three-eyed raven (sort of a psychic), the bastard was sent to castle black (a home for the bastards or broken ones). The feeling of being both a stark and Greyjoy urged the adopted son to betray the Starks in order to prove loyalty to his legitimate family, House Greyjoy. He played a mingled character throughout the series but in the end redeemed himself from this grave mistake and died protecting the Starks, who not only exempted him but also honored his death. The daughters’ side is quite complicated but the younger of the two became a skilled assassin and the eldest one after a strenuous journey ended up north in a distraught way.

The north was now in control of tyrants, the Boltans. These were the ones who betrayed the house stark in the first place, the red wedding and were miserable. The bastard after he saw what happened to his house not only took back the control but stripped off the Boltans from its history as if they had never existed. Despite their honor, the northers named him King in the north as Eddard, their king’s blood runs through his veins.

The bastard in reality, was Eddard stark’s nephew. Ned’s sister was already Betrothed to the Baratheon house but fell in love with a Targaryen prince and the child was born after their secret marriage. At that time everyone thought that she was kidnapped by the prince and this was the reason behind the rebellion in the first place by House Baratheon. Robert Baratheon, the man she was promised to, married a Lannister after the war and was left heartbroken so much that he never loved a woman like he used to, even his wife, for the rest of his life.

Ned named the child Jon Snow, though he was named Aegon Targaryen by his mother. He took him as his bastard against his honor, to protect him from his friend, Robert Baratheon, as he knew his nephew would be murdered. The kingdom then crowned Robert Baratheon as their new king and Cersei Lannister as their lawful queen. All those years of rebellion, the wars, the blood were just because of the love of a woman who didn’t love him back.

Now there were two heirs to the throne, the only surviving Targaryen girl, Daenerys, who left the capitol after his father’s murder and the heir disguised as a bastard, Jon Snow. Both the Targayrions were also close relatives to one another. Jon’s father, Rhaegal Targaryen was Daenerys’s brother, so again he was a nephew to Daenerys in the Targaryen Family.

Skipping to the end Jon murdered the queen after he swore allegiance to her, not because of he wanted the throne, but because her madness for the throne went far beyond control as she had struggled so much and lost her loved ones for it.

In the end, the Debilitate ruled the six kingdoms. It was agreed that he was a memory of them, a psychic with abilities to see in the past and present. Jon had a rightful claim to the throne despite the betrayal, kept his allegiance to his queen and walked away from the throne as it was the only seed whose roots led to peace in the kingdom. The north was declared independent as it made countless sacrifices in the decade (viewers know) and Sansa eldest daughter of Eddard stark became its queen. Arya her sister (the skilled assassin) became a voyager and that’s how house stark showed us fidelity and adherence in these ten years.

For sure Eddard stark planted deep roots of honor in his family. Jon didn’t hesitate for a second going to castle black as he knew what this means for the sake of seven kingdoms. All those years he endured being upbraided, reproached, called bastard, only because he was a consequence of Eddard’s dishonor, and finally when he learned about himself, who he really was and when the time came to take the legacy of his forefathers, the Iron Throne of the Targaryens, he refused as if it never belonged to him. He not only walked away from his legacy but also his own legal status of a true born heir. So much prestige and dignity in a man disguised as a bastard are truly honorable in its wondrous way.

Arya could’ve stayed in the north but her father’s part of curiosity was in her and she ended as a voyager to quench her thirst to explore. Sansa could’ve pledged but she knew her north and did what was best for them. Bran the Debilitate king, could’ve backed out from the offer but his loyalty and devotion, his father’s virtue in him, stopped him from doing so.

I guess if we take these eight seasons as a legacy of a father to his family which in the end took over the seven kingdoms would make a perfect sense. Ned would’ve been proud what his children did and what his nephew did, would’ve put a smile on his face in the heavens and he must’ve said ‘I knew it, my prayer won’t go unanswered! As long as there’s stark blood in a man he will trade his most precious thing even the Iron Throne itself for the sake of his honor but if he finds a greater purpose than his own dignity then he will not give an inch and sacrifice his prestige without any reluctance! That’s what I did years ago and now Aegon did it and made me proud ten times of myself!’

Thank you game of thrones for teaching us the significance of legacy and above all, the honor, the prestige, the respect, which every living deserves.

For indeed, when Adam came to life the second immediate thing the Lord gave him after knowledge was not strength, nor wealth or any superior power.

The virtue of respect was given to him above all His creation even on His resolute subjects, the Angels.

Thank you, HBO for this beautiful reminder through these eight years!

Though the last season was not the ending this staggering series deserved but accepting the show as it is is the only choice we have.

Writers ruined the Show!

But we got it right!

Written by:

Syed Irtaza Rehman.


Syed Aqif Mukhtar Kazmi.


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