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Having a Movie Night at Home

Updated on September 18, 2014

I like watching new movies on the big screen. Yet, every once in a while, I also enjoy a wholesome movie night at home. Though a trip to the theater serves as a pleasant family outing or a nice date for me and the hubby, creating a movie night at home is just as fun.

Try making movie night at home a regular event with your family. If you have teens, it may just be the thing that gets everyone in the family together in one room at the same time. You could set it up for once a week or once a month, whatever works for you. It'll become something everyone can expect and make room for on their calendars. Each person can take turns picking which one to watch, even the kiddies. So be prepared for occasional cartoons if you have little ones.


Why Do You Like Watching a Movie at Home?

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Five Advantages to Movie Nights at Home

There are quite a few good reasons why choosing to stay in can be better than being at a theater. Here are five things that will have you wanting to schedule in a movie night at home.

1. You Can Save Money

This, of course, is the obvious. Staying in will save you money. For one, you don't have to pay for tickets. You also save by eating the snacks you already have in your kitchen.

2. The Remote Control Puts You in Charge

You can rewind your favorite scenes to watch them again. On the contrary, you can fast forward through parts you don't want to see. Then don't forget, putting the movie on pause will allow you to go for a bathroom break without missing anything.

3. There's More to See

If you're watching a DVD, there's most likely going to be other things to enjoy besides the movie itself. Many enjoy watching the behind the scenes footage and other special bonus features. In addition, you can always pop in another movie for a double-feature.

4. You Can Stay Put

Often times,after a really good movie, a good conversation is sparked. Instead of having to get up and go, you can stay put in your comfortable positions and share what you liked, disliked, your favorite lines and the overall feel for the movie.

5. You Can Get Cozy

Watching a movie at home stretched out on the sofa allows you get comfy and cozy. It's as simple as sharing a blanket with your family. If it's going to be just you and the hubby, a movie night at home is a great time to snuggle up close. And while you are comfortable, you can be reassured that you can laugh as loud as you want or do anything thing else that you wouldn't do in a public setting.


Movie Night Essentials

There are different ways to create a nice movie night at home with your family or significant other. You can make it elaborate with themes and costumes for the kids. Or, you can just keep it simple. Either way, there are some essentials you just can't do without.

The Movie

Well, you can't have a movie night without a movie! You can select one from your personal collection, find one on Demand or pick one up from a RedBox machine. Alternatively, you can stream a movie through RedBox Instant, Netflix or the like.

Good Seats

Stretch out on the comfy sofa. You could never get this comfortable at a theater. If there isn't enough room for everyone on the couch, taking a spot on the floor with your pillow on top of blankets and comforters may be even better. Kids will love it. Bean bags are also great for movie watching.


When it comes to bringing food to the party, you have options. You can always opt to ordering in. Have a yummy pizza, Chinese or other favorites delivered to your door. Or prepare a homemade dinner along with snacks. Just be sure to pop plenty of popcorn to place in a community bowl for sharing or put scoopfuls into individual bags.

Here are some creative recipes that you'll enjoy eating and making.


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