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My topic on Family Traditions at Christmas Time-Having a cookie exchange with your Family

Updated on November 17, 2011

It's Christmas Time, my favorite holiday.This Holiday Season make some time to create some family traditions. Perhaps in sharing my own familys traditions you can create some of your own and enjoy the holiday spirit. Traditions are what keeps a family together. When my Gramma was alive about 8 years ago my family always traveled to Fillmore NY to her home for Chrismas. We usually did this for every holiday. Since the death of my gramma my family has stoped getting together as often. One of my aunts suggested we start a cookie exchange in the month of December.

What is a cookie exchange?

For those of you that are not familiar with a cookie exchange, it is an avent coordinated with my family. everyone makes two or three dozon cookies and we swap. some of my aunts like to make about 8 dozen. You can make andy type of cookie you want. Although I think chocolate chip shouldn't be made because chocolate chip cookes can be made all year long. Make homemade Christmas cookies from a recipe. When deciding whos home it will be at for the year a name is drawn out of a hat, Everyone gets a turn to have a cookie exchange at there home eventually. I always go home with way more cookies then I made for some reason and there is always alot of different awesome recipes. Last year I held the cookie exchange at my house. Some members of the family didnt show up, I think because I live so far away. This year we will be having the cookie exchange at my cousins house in Delavin which is far from me but I am still going. My mom has purchased alot of prizes. At the cookie exchange everyone also goes home with a prize, which is really awesome. I like to make unique recipes such as rice crispie Chrismas trees or hamburger cookies.


Family Newsletter

Besides the cookie exchange, my family used to have a family newsletter. I have 5 aunts and too many cousins to list. The family newsletter would list everyones address, birthdays along with the children and also the addresses of everyone. The newsletter was a great idea for my family to have, it also listed any events going on with anyone within the family. One of my aunts was doing the newsletter but I believe it got to much for her and too costley.Have fun and try some of these family traditions in your own family around Chrismas and bring your family closer together. Cookie exchanges are alot of fun.


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