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Family Values: Love & Loyalty

Updated on July 18, 2012

Forgive & Forget

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The Clan

My grandparents from both side of the family are Filipinos. My father's parents might have some Spanish blood but that is still questionable. To be safe, I am a pure born and bred Filipina.

Growing up I remember my father teaching me the basics of the alphabet, grammar and mathematics. He would then let me practice writing and speaking, using correct pronunciation. Even before I have developed reading comprehension, he taught me family values by using a very good book. The Bible. He was so subtle in teaching us that I always enjoy my time with him. And using parables and examples, he taught me how to follow society's rules and norms. I knew that a good citizen always apply good manners and right conduct. Supporting my father is my ever loyal mother. She would support him every step of the way. She in turn taught me housework. I would be forever be indebted to them and my siblings for all their support.

If I look at the hundreds of stars on a beautiful clear night, I would remember my father telling me that all those stars are there for us to enjoy. And we always walk side by side early in the morning or twilight. I was a daddy's little girl. The youngest of six siblings. I would not remember all the topics that we have discussed. What I would remember up to this day was our closeness and how precious and generous he was of his time that he spent with us. He died when I was just ten years old. I became closer to my mother because I have lost a good father. And I miss him. I know that not all fathers are comfortable bringing with them their little girls to work or for recreation.

Before I knew what love was, my family taught me to show love. Love unified us and loyalty sealed that lifetime bond. Being loyal to each other did not come without effort from each and every one of the family. We developed these family values by showing support for each other. Giving each other our time, effort and even financial support along the way. This bond of trust and loyalty is always being tested. Because of distance from each other, we rarely see each other as frequently as we had before. We are thankful for the technology that keeps us closer.

Another family values that helps us be strong aside from love and loyalty is forgiveness. Nobody is perfect. Each of us can makes mistakes. But we need not let this weakness stop us from doing what is right. Say sorry and accept that you have been wrong. Brave words- but I know, we need to remind ourselves everyday that we need to forgive others and forgive ourselves.

Moving on has never been easy but for our emotional development and personal growth, we need to do what is right, not only for ourselves but also for others. Love and be love.


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    • prea profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Philippines

      yes, i am blessed with a loving family, and i am always thankful everyday. thanks for the comments michiganman567, you just made my day :D

    • michiganman567 profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan

      This is a very touching article. You sound like you have some incredible parents. Their legacy will live on beyond you. You will pass on their love and teachings to your children and others.


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