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Family and Faith

Updated on January 4, 2013

May be Happy Family

A Family is a big thing to live in and when you don't have one I believe you get lost. Few samples of families would be a mom and dad kids or a pet. Although now at days a family is made of a lot of different people and pets and what I mean by that is that now it can be two moms or two dads and that's great and all but we all forget the meaning of the word family.

One when you feel like you are alone and with no thought to that then you are a one person family but it can be different because you know that a little faith goes a long way and with that said I can say that we are not really alone.

Two when you have a group of people that you care about weather they are your kids your pet or even someone you might just know for a long time you can call that a family so you see with not even thinking it you are in a family.

Three all I'm saying is that no matter how we see things we are not alone and we are loved and cared for even when we don't think so.

All I have learned from the expirences I have had with my faith and my family I have learned the most of all that life is a lot eaier when we are truely happy with a love one's and with our selfs as well as the faith we put in to keeping the people we care about together.

With that said I leave you with this small poem: By: Loraine Mueller

Those Who Care

As silently as sunrise comes the days flow into years;

and some are filled with happiness and some are drenched in tears.

But always it is good to know that there are those who care;

who may today, lift up your name with love in fervent prayer.


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