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Family is Family

Updated on July 23, 2018
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Sarah grew up in a family that cherished the past in that stories and knowledge about ancesters was shared through the years.

Sometimes, the family tree can appear to be mossy.  You have to dig in to find the Roots.
Sometimes, the family tree can appear to be mossy. You have to dig in to find the Roots. | Source

There is something humbling about doing your genealogy. Once we get back a few generations, it is obvious that we are just one in a family of many members. In our society, we are misled to believe that we are so special. We are told we can pick or chose who our family members are and will be. Tough love has come to be the excuse used by families to reject, abandon and abuse their family members. The Truth is, we are just one of many and family is Family. We do not get to Chose family, but we can chose whether the living are included in our lives. For the past decade or so, I have been retracing my genealogy because the work my parents had done was lost to me during my struggle to live in the 90's.

On both my father's side and mother’s side, I have traced family back to the Lord God Almighty. This may sound atrocious. By that, I mean, both my father’s side and mother’s side have a line that goes from them through the kings of Scotland and Ireland, and various other countries, to the Kings of Judah and Israel. A study of the myths of Ireland helps to move you back on the family tree. From the Kings of Juday,, it is just a study of Scripture to take you on to Adam, the first man.

Native American blood will give you a Spiritual edge.
Native American blood will give you a Spiritual edge.

Although I have a lot of work yet to do to fill in dead-end lines in the family, I Know that I belong to God… He is my 142nd Great-grandfather, if you will! Love that, don’t cha!!! He Created my 141st Great-grandfather, Adam, from the dust of the earth. He gave Adam Eve, my 141st Great-grandmother, whom He Created from Adam’s rib. My life depended upon the generosity of the Lord God Almighty in Creating these ancestors of mine... and yours?!!

Several years ago, before family had discovered all the lines in the family that they have found, I declared in writing to a church in Georgia, that I was from the Tribe of Judah. Well, that fell like a lead brick on deaf ears! My Journey to discover my family was to back up my own declaration. This is the Way God does things. He Gives us the Information first, then later… sometimes, much later!... He will give us the Information we need to Prove our Case. And Prove it, He does! Person by person, He laid my family in front of me.

King Josiah, my 94th Great-grandfather
King Josiah, my 94th Great-grandfather | Source

You may find no Loyalty, Faithfulness, Love or Respect from people who are living in this day and age. In looking into your genealogy; you will get tremendous Loyalty, Faithfulness, Love and Respect. It is a "feeling" that comes along with becoming knowledgeable about people from the past. Family doesn’t change. It is set in stone. You cannot change the woman who gave you birth. You cannot change the man who provided the fertilization which gave you life. These people are Gifts of God to you. From them, as you work your way back in time, the Love you will find is Awe Inspiring. There is the Grandfather who loved his dying wife so much that he could never replace her even though she died when they were both very young. There are the prince and princess who were married at the age of 2 in a pre-arranged marriage and still stayed together for life, loving one another their entire lives. Your ancestors are Yours and no one will ever take them from You.

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I have shared the sadness and joys of generations of ancestors by searching for my grandmothers and grandfathers. No one can take the Connection that has been formed between myself and my grandparents. It is overwhelming to think that all these people lived in order for me to be born! There is a Spiritual Bond that cannot be broken. They are part of my DNA! Trust God with your DNA data. He will Prove to you that your grandparents are a part of you. And from that DNA you have a massive amount of cousins out there. Just think who you could be related to!!

The Shekinah Glory
The Shekinah Glory | Source

Exalted and Hallowed be God’s Greatness in this world of His Creation. He Calls me saying, “My Dear Sweet Child! I Love you!” I AM His child. He is my Greatest Great Grandfather. And so.... the family I come from is Wonderful and family is Family!

© 2012 Sarah


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