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How to Dress Your Baby Fashionably

Updated on January 9, 2015

Families have many important choices ahead of them when it comes to loving and caring for their young baby. Although it is an extremely happy and enjoyable time it can also sometimes feel confusing when trying to make certain decisions concerning looking after their baby. Some important decisions may be, for example, which cot is the most suitable, which toys will help baby to learn and develop to their potential and, of course, which types of clothing will offer their baby comfort, be fashionable, practical and above all be completely safe for baby to wear?

Today families will find a large selection of brands and styles of baby clothing available on the high street and online for all seasons and for all occasions. Of course, most fashionable baby clothes appear attractive and are modelled by babies who look gorgeous! It is important to always keep a few key factors in mind when choosing your baby fashions.

Moms and dads usually want baby to look stylish and trendy and these factors can be included when making your choices, but remember also to ensure that your fashion baby clothes are of high quality, made of non-irritant materials, will keep baby both warm and cool when necessary and are ultimately the safest ones for baby wear. Remember never to compromise on quality for the price of an item.

Some highly fashionable baby wear can look beautiful but have too many accessories which are dangerous if baby pulls them off and ingests them. Fashionable baby wear can also be of simple patterns, designs, vibrant or soft colors and styles which work well. In other words they are highly fashionable but practical too; they may have fun easily recognizable Disney cartoon or happy, friendly animal characters sewn on making them a good modern choice.

A useful tip when ensuring that baby is looking ultra-fashionable and stylish is to co-ordinate his/her clothes thoughtfully, making sure that bloomers, shorts or trousers, tops or dresses complement each other and that so does baby's head wear including hats, headbands, mittens, socks, shoes and other accessories. Always ensure that colors do not clash except by design where the aim is to produce a vibrant, 'funky' look for baby.

In the colder seasons clothing must keep baby warm so choose materials such as organic cotton or reverse shearing as excellent insulation. Baby fashion clothes made from natural fibers such as ultra soft cottons and bamboo will allow perspiration to evaporate and this will ensure baby will not overheat quickly in the warmer weather.

It is essential that fashionable baby wear is made well and does not to fall apart after being worn just a few times or within the first few washes. Babies move their limbs around almost continuously so their clothing must be able to move with them. Therefore baby fashions should comprise of materials which are stretchy and flexible with ample fitting necklines, arm and leg holes.

Some baby boutiques offer a selection of brands of baby fashions or sometimes their own designer name. It can be fun to shop in a baby boutique perhaps for that considered purchase. Some baby boutiques offer the most exquisite old fashioned, hand smocked and hand embroidered baby dresses or christening fashions, edged with antique lace and decorated with mother of pearl buttons, satin ribbons and silk flowers. It is almost impossible not to imagine old fashioned baby names and their owners when looking at such a selection of fashions from a bygone age but which are still loved and worn by babies today.


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