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Updated on October 24, 2016

The Truth Men

“A father who abandons his wife and his children to pursue some silly “love affair” injures his sons and daughters. When a father does not remain loyal and protective of that child’s mother, that child learns that disloyalty and selfishness are acceptable behaviors.” – The Tragedy of Fatherless Homes article

Restless For Life

The Household

Today we have a new culture. A promotion of women being both man and woman in the household, i.e. “I don’t need a man.” If this is your thought when it comes to raising children? Do you know women and men that someone accept and agree to this truth? Do you believe children turn out better when in single parent households?

Men and women are not independent of one another. It takes a man and woman to create a child so why would one believe male and female energy is needed in order to raise a mentally healthy human being transitioning from childhood to adulthood? My belief, unless violence/endangerment/abuse is an issue, every parent should strive to ensure a child is exposed to both energies for the well-being and development of the child.

The Fatherless Generation Reports:

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless

From poverty to sexual promiscuity to drug/alcohol abuse to emotional problems-fatherless homes plays a large role in the decline of a one’s well-being. When generations of non-stable environments exists so do embedded dysfunctional behavior and ideologies. Such factors are evident when dating or encountering people that have not mentally addressed issues they may have or experienced. In women you can observe tough-behavior, lack of emotion, avoiding physical touch (softness of being a woman), eager to please/clingy, and desire to constantly take charge of everyone and everything around them. Women also face the disbelief that appealing to a man using sex appeal (body) somehow makes you valuable because men desire you sexually as an object-false belief. In men you can observe lack of leadership, unsure of himself when pursuing career/life goals, or hyper-masculinity to cover insecurity, inability to stand-up to other people, emotional based manipulation of the opposite sex, or acting like a little boy expecting mommy(women) to take care of you. In men lack of purpose manifests sometimes in violence against women and the false belief that sexual conquests is what makes you a man.

(For example the Georgia man with 34 kids and 17 baby mothers. This is the best example of low self-esteem and harmful behavior from a man and women that obviously have father issues that have not been resolved or addressed.)

Lost Without Your Father

There are people that don’t know anything about their father. There are people that never met their father. There are people that have a tumultuous relationship with their father. There are people that lost their father at an early age due to death. There are people that have reached out to their father but were not a priority to their father. There are people that were fed negativity by their parent for being “just like your father.” There are people that have held onto anger for years for a parent that failed them. There are people that drown their sorrows in drugs, alcohol, anger, food, and/or practice promiscuous behavior to distract oneself from pain.

Can you relate to any aspect of these thoughts? Do you have friends that are suffering from this issue? Has anyone healed their relationship with their father? What experiences comes to mind when you think about your father?

Therapy does not mean you are crazy to have discussions leading to analysis and changed behavior for a brighter future and brighter outcomes.

No one can ever tell me having a positive father relationship or positive male role-model relationship doesn’t positively impact one’s life.

To all you fathers that took this role seriously and the women that love their children enough to do everything they can to make sure their fathers play an active role in their lives even if you aren’t together: Much Respect!

Power of a Father

Love For Your Father


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