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5 Favorite Products for Parents of Twins

Updated on June 2, 2016

As the mother of twins, I often get questions from my pregnant friends asking, "what should we register for?" "What do we need?" My husband and I created this list so that we could collect a list of our top 5 most loved items. Most of these are awesome for twins, but I'm sure they are wonderful for single babies too

I should also note that in talking to other parents, I find that "splurge items" are different for everyone. We choose to splurge on our stroller whereas other parents empty their accounts for the crib, organic products or whatever seems most important to them.


Bibs- Bibs are NOT all the same. We loved this one because it has a sponge ring around the neckline. Wyatt was a big spitter, and before we had these he would get a rash around his chin/neck because we couldn't keep the moisture away. This bib helped a ton to keep him rash-free.

Sleep Sack

Sleep Sack - Specifically the Halo sleep sack works wonders. We loved the fleece one to keep the babies tight and warm at night. When babies are swaddled up like little footballs they can't flail their arms. Apparently there is a connection between arm flailing and crying. Keep babies arms down and you can better manage their uncontrollable cries. (I am repeating what I remember the nurses telling me at the hospital, and what worked for us.)

My Breast Friend - Twin

My Brest Friend - Twin - I spent many MANY hours breastfeeding the twins simultaneously or just laying them face up on the pillow so I could be close to them and hold them at the same time. Whether or not you breastfeed, this is a helpful pillow. Your arms and wrists get tired from holding the little ones, so it's nice to lay them on a pillow and still get the closeness that you and baby crave.


Podee Bottles

Podee Bottle - Don't ask questions, just go now to their website and buy it.

It is a handsfree feeding system for your child. It is essential for twins in order to feed two screaming and hungry babies at the same time. I also love to use them anytime I have the babies out in the stroller. I don't have to stop to feed them, I just give them the bottle and they feed themselves. I want to hug the inventor of this.

Citi Mini Double Stroller

Citi Mini Double Stroller (Our splurge item) - It is expensive, but I love it. We bought ours brand new, which I recommend, but you can also find them on Craigslist sometimes for a great deal. The stroller is really light (around 29 lbs), folds easily, and small enough to fit in the trunk of our Honda Accord along with a load of groceries, laundry or whatever other mystery items I have back there. I can push it with one hand (yes this comes in handy) and it turns on a dime. We have now had our Citi Mini for 3 years, and it still runs smoothly.


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