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Favorite Baby Products for the New Mom

Updated on May 4, 2009

5 Great Items to Make Motherhood Easier


Being a mom is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but nobody said it would be easy. There is baby’s confusion of day and night, getting used to packing a diaper bag, learning how to use items like the Madela Pump n Style and simply getting to know your baby. However, moms of today have many great items to make motherhood all it can be! If you have been too busy to simply wander the baby aisle or maybe you have to get a baby shower gift, here are a few great products to keep in mind.

1.       The Paci Pouch-Don’t stress over losing your baby’s favorite pacifier. This great product holds 2 pacifiers in the magnetically closed packet which can be attached to strollers, cars seats, diaper bags and more.

2.       Gripe Water- This organically made remedy is great for colicky babies. It is made from ginger, fennel, and other natural products and will help soothe your baby’s stomach, and get rid of hiccups and gas. This is a must have for every diaper bag.

3.       The Made for Me MP3 Integrated Play System- A fantastic way to customize your baby’s music to what they like. It works with a music player, an infant gym, and a day to dream soother.

4.       A&D Ointment- Get a “cream” guaranteed to get rid of diaper rash before it develops. At the first sign of redness apply the A&D-by the next diaper change the rash will be gone!

5.       The Baby Sling- How any mom survives without the baby sling is hard to fathom. Made in a variety of fabrics and patterns, the baby sling allows you to “hold” your baby, but still have the use of your hands.

There are many fantastic products available and these are but a small representation. Take a few minutes to stroll the baby section of any store that carries baby items and it will be quite a surprise—especially if it has been a while since you have checked out the great products being designed to make motherhood easier. Don’t be afraid to try some “unusual” product—you never know what great labor saving or entertaining baby item you may find!


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      Kay 7 years ago

      I love this product Baby Buddy by sunbuddy sunscreen an all natural sunscreen FDA approved food grade! Convenience packets.