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Useful features of Play yard plus Bassinet

Updated on May 21, 2013

If your baby is due to arrive in this world then as expectant parents you will be shopping for baby clothes and accessories and planning to setup a nursery. You might be thinking of what kind of a bassinet to buy for your baby.

There are baby bassinets available which can then be turned into play yard for your child at a later point in time. These play yard come bassinet have good looks but you should not be carried away by their extravaganza but rather think rationally of what will be of practical use and comfortable for your little prince/princess.

Below is a list of features which you should keep in mind when buying one for your baby.

  • Nappy change station

This station enables you to change nappies by placing your child at a good height, imagine changing diapers on the bed instead. Thus its very convenient and helps you avoid back ache as well.

  • Storage organizers

These help you organize baby stuff and provide you space to keep baby lotions or creams, pampers, wipes etc.

  • Wheels

This is a very practical feature which will enable you to move the play yard come crib around easily otherwise you will have to make yourself the effort to do so.

  • Vibration in mattress

This electronic feature will help you put the baby to sleep easily.

  • Night Lamp

This feature is very useful and will provide enough light without disturbing the baby’s sleep to keep an eye on him/her in case if he/she is ill.

Happy buying!!


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