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Finding your biological parent (s).

Updated on January 23, 2012

Should I find him/her?


To do or not to do

Have you ever heard the saying "You don't miss what you don't know"? Well that can have some truth to it, but not always. Many people around the world today have grown up not ever knowing who their mothers or fathers are. Then, there are those people who know who their parent (s) are although they weren't raised by them or involved with them throughout their lives. Those are the people that would be the ones to decide, to do or not to do. There was a young lady I was knew who's parents had divorced when she was a toddler and since then, her father never came back to see her. Her mother then remarried and her husband adopted the young lady years after that. This young lady is now in her 40's and has children of her own. She had the urge to meet her father, whom she could never recall ever being with him. She wanted to know what he looked like, how he talked, medical conditions, and what exactly had become of him. One day, she searched for him on the Internet and low and behold, she found out his work information by searching many different shops where she thought he might have worked. When she called his job the first time, she instantly knew that it was him, and so it was. To make a long story short, she was glad to had met him and know more of him and although she still may feel resentful at times, she would do it all over again. Sometimes, we as parents may do or say things around our children without thinking about it. The young lady said that her dad's excuse was that he did not want anything to do with her mother because they had ended their relationship in bad terms. In this case, he let his own feelings get in the way without considering his child's feelings first. Although it may seem that the parent doesn't care or never acknowledged your existence, you have to know that you have always been in the back of their heads since day one. Those parents learn to live on without you physically in their lives but forever remember you, every waking day. They may not approach you there again, for their own fear of rejection and therefore, it may have to be you to make that first move. So with that said, if you have the right resources, than go for it!!!


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