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Finding time for your children

Updated on July 13, 2013


Parents and children

There are some days that are very special to me that have made me realize how our lives do make a difference to others and how we are touched by those who are most important in our lives. The day I married will always be special in my heart and that day came about as a result of another day when I first met my wife to be at the recommendation of a friend. When I first met her I knew she was the one I wished to be with and to have a family with. I remember our wedding day as if it was only yesterday and the image of my lovely bride in her beautiful white satin gown which is captured in beautiful pictures. She was my princess on that day and still is to this very day and I feel so happy to be by her side as I promised to be the day we took our vows.

The day I discovered my wife was pregnant was very special and it made me appreciate her true beauty as I looked forward to us becoming a mommy and a daddy of a precious little baby. Of all the feelings I would love to relive I would have to say it is becoming a father. I love the time in our life when we raise a child. Although it is stressful and requires every part of our being it is the most satisfying and rewarding experience you could ever imagine. Children have a way of bringing a smile to your face and making every day a happy one even on the most difficult of days.

If I could teach my son one thing in life it would be that he strive to always do his best and for him to truly believe in himself and in God. We all need to know love and respect and we need to have faith and trust in our own abilities and we must realize that though we are not perfect we are capable of doing great things. It is very important as a parent to always be there for our children in listening to them and helping to guide them as they navigate through their early lives as babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and young adults. We must always make the most of our time with our children teaching them, listening to them and showing them the way. We must teach them to always feel good about themselves and to never lose hope.

I have always appreciated the little things in life and I realize how important it is to have those special moments. It could be a simple pat on the back from your dad after saying "I'm so proud of you" or a kiss on the cheek and an "I love you so much" from your mom or just a feeling of "falling in love" with that cute and very intelligent girl in your math class. Now as I have experienced all of those precious moments the one that truly stands out in my mind and the one I take great pride in is the moment of my son's birth which I feel can not be topped. In life we all have defining moments and for me the most defining moments as I look back are meeting and marrying my wife and celebrating in the birth of our son. I am now part of a family and I realize how important family is having grown up with a very loving and supportive family. We are never alone when we have family.

As a parent we must realize how important it is to listen, encourage and to console our children. We need to be their for them always and to not only be their mother and father but also their friend, their confidant and their hero. Children are influenced by many things and their early childhood experiences are critical. Children learn what they live which is so very true. If you read the wonderful writing with the same title you will gain a great deal of insight into what being a parent is all about and the beauty of raising a child.

In life the one thing we learn is that we can not get time back. Once it has passed it is gone forever and that is why we must make the most of our time. We all need to work to make a living so we can afford the "nice things" and the necessities in life and for our self preservation for us and our family. That is why we have to have a healthy balance between our working lives and our family lives. Our children must be the centerpiece of our lives and all the decisions we make must be with them in mind. If we don't spend time with our children like we need to we will lose out and our children will lose out and that time will never come back to us. We can not push that time away in hope that we will make it up. We must spend that time with our children now because we don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Life is so very unpredictable and the sad reality is that there are many children who lose a parent at a very young age. I know personally families where the child will have to live their life without a mommy or a daddy and that breaks my heart. I am so very sad for that child and I wish I could do something to bring a smile to their face and make them still feel like a kid despite the painful reality they now have to live with. Some are still too young to understand and are so innocent. I don't know what it is like for a grieving parent to have to discuss this with their child but I know it is the most painful and difficult thing a parent would have to share with their child.

The times we live in are very stressful but we need to make our children always feel safe and protected. It is our responsibility and we must take that very seriously. I know we have to always be mindful of that and in what we say and talk about because our children are very perceptive and they pick up on things. We must be their "rock" and we must always share a smile and a laugh with our children and to cherish these years with them because when our children grow out of their childhood we will never get a "do over". It is what it is and what ever we say or do we must make sure it is now rather than later when it may be too late.

We must never feel we are too busy to spend time with our children. We must feel that our children deserve our time and attention and we must always be an integral part of their lives. When we are on our death bed we will realize that the times we spent with our children were the best times of our lives and we would want to hear our children whisper the same sentiments to us so we can truly go in peace. Our children are our greatest joy and we know this from the very first day we hold them in our arms. We want to have that feeling every day of our life.

Edward D. Iannielli III




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    • HennieN profile image


      7 years ago from South Africa

      Brilliant hub - voted up. When I become a parent I w as told to spend time with my children as they grow up so fast.

      I have taken this to heart and it is unbelievable to be able to spend time with my children. My advice to all parents would be to MAKE time too spent with your children.


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