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First Infant BLOWWOUT

Updated on May 17, 2015

NEW dad poopy realities

I am a new father, and its exciting, fun, but then it hits you. You go to lift that onesy and BOOOM. Explosion trying not to gag isn't easy, but you got to stay strong. I've dealt with vomit from my party days blood animal droppings. New game. The foulness of formula fed babies takes the win on my stink ranks.

It was a late evening (4AM!!!) My little sweetheart wakes me. I almost get through feeding then BOOM splash. Ok I thought no big deal poopy diapey. I lay her down pull her pants down, and there it was EVERYWHERE. I did not faint. I Yelled for my Girlfriend first instinct , no luck. It.s on my arms gross I thought its on a blanket my shirt pooo EVERYWHERE .greenish brown melting everywhere dripping yuck.. I cleaned, and I mean deep cleaned residue poo for a while. It was closepin on the nose status. My little baby girl then smiled and laughed at me. Yea she knew it was funny, but thankful it was over fed her the rest, and sang a lullaby to sleep. Dad was ready for a nap too, and my sweet little baby girl was looking like an angel once again.

That day I gained plenty of more respect for my parents, and parents worldwide. Dads hang in there on your first poopy storm, because the loving bond makes a little crap worth it... ill let you in on some more new dad ideas that's helped me

  • A couple new dad tips I would like to share...
  • The first month is the most nerve wrecking of all. Stay calm . Those long 1st nights can be tiresome gut wrenching. Treat the mother with respect. She should win the small battles. If baby is real cranky, and moms around let her settle her. Moms have the touch.. No mom then get a swing.. its a life savor
  • play talk, and have fun with your baby .. That's what dads job TO SPOIL
  • Remember babies cry, and sometimes for no reason.. Doesn't mean your doing wrong. part of it.
  • Start on a night regimine for bed near 2 months old. Your baby should start sleeping better
  • YOUTIME very important to keep yourself sane.. try to get a loved one every now and then, and go meditate let loose and enjoy it.
  • GET PAMPERS if you can afford all diapers work fine pamper just have multiple layers and keep infants dry
  • change a diaper you will get use to it... ( get 2 to 3 wipes ready for a poopy bottom breath easy during that process.
  • Always keep your friends . You have a newborn, but life is just beginning. Make time for them
  • put your family first, and always respect your babies parent.. you are always stuck with them when it comes to your infant
  • Last, but not least cherish every moment its a beautiful life experience

The struggle is real. DADs always figure it out have fun with crappy diapers,, Laugh about it enjoy life theres always more good than evil thank you for reading good luck to the new papas


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