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First Known Photo

Updated on August 31, 2017
The oldest photo I have of my brother, Jim and myself.
The oldest photo I have of my brother, Jim and myself. | Source

I look at this photo from our family album. It is the oldest one I have of my brother and myself together. I look about two years old in this photo which means it was taken in 1950. Yes, that photo is pushing its way to 70 years old.

Look at the basketball, it still had laces. Basketballs have not had laces in a lot of years. The dog in the photo was our Cocker Spaniel named Blondie. She was the sweetest dog and would love to lay in front of the coal stove that we had in our living room. Yes, Blondie loved the heat, along with my mother. Mom always had that stove cranked up in the winter. I often thought the skin would melt right off of us.

The photo brings back other memories. We were pretty poor, but when you are raised poor you don't realize it. We had no well, so we had no indoor plumbing. All you have to do it think for a second, no indoor plumbing then no toilet. I spent many a time in the cold winter months walking to the outhouse when I was a child. It was not the most pleasant time in a young childs life. I was so afraid in the winter that my butt would freeze to the outhouse seat and I would be stuck there.

We carried our water from one of the two sand springs that were near our home. One was within walking distance and the other was a short drive away. Again no indoor plumbing meant no bath tub. We washed up in those early years with a wash cloth and a wash basin.

I was the happiest kind around when I was about five years old and a man was drilling a well near our back porch. That well changed our lives a lot when we were young. So many things that we take for granted now, were just a vision in my early years.

Copyright Larry W. Fish 2017


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