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First Time Foster Parents

Updated on April 8, 2016

Day One

Easter Sunday 2016

We parked our Honda CR-V (Lucy) behind the large church on main street, and made our way around the building, and walked through the front doors of the church. Several friendly greetings, but not seeing our new partner in ministry, we found a restroom. I waited outside the ladies room while Yeasha went inside; once she was finished, I went in while she guarded the door. I had no idea where the men’s room was, so this would work just fine. I thought to myself, Should I leave the seat up just because I can? (Ladies, I put the seat back down)

Working our way back to the front of the building, our new ministry parter “M” found us with a great big smile and a hug and led us to our seats. As the service was about to begin she said we could visit after the service over lunch, but introduced us to her son and one of the foster kids. Where were the others? I wondered. We were told the house was for 8 foster kids, so various ideas crossed my mind. Perhaps they were adopted out for the holiday, or perhaps they were with birth families for the day.

During the service “AJ” told us that he was 7, and he engaged us throughout the service with his coloring book and his love notes to the elderly woman sitting in front of us. “You are very nice” was his first note to her; “You are nicer” was her reply. These affections continued to the middle of the sermon. I was excited to see this stranger to me take such tender care of this boy’s heart. With her facial expressions, whispers, and notes to him, I saw that loving on (and receiving his love in return) “AJ” was an important part of her Sunday worship.

The sermon ended and after the final song and last Amen, we were dismissed where we followed “M” to the children’s building across the street. I thought to myself, Oh no! All the other kids are in the nursery! We picked up a couple smaller kids, a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old. They were so adorable and very excited meeting their new house parents. The middle child immediately reached for my hand as we walked to the van.

Roxy asked where the other kids were; in response we were told that until we were settled in these were the only three kids so as to not overwhelm us and also protect these kid’s routines for the time being. Whew!!! What a relief! We are really excited but this gives us a way to ease into training, routines, and acclimate to our small family before instantly becoming a family of 10. Deep exhale!

Soon I will share how we found this ministry and the strange journey that led us here, but today, we celebrate His resurrection with great smiles, food, and a new family. Nap time before dinner with “M”, her family, and the kids. Turned out to be a great first day.

Postscript: Easter holds great significance for me; not just in my faith, but has always signified new beginnings throughout my life. It is not unnoticed that today we embark on a grand adventure serving those who are neglected, forgotten, abused, unwanted, unloved. We have a divine mandate to take care of them. Yes, we are followers of Jesus Christ; unashamed, unafraid, and willing to love the foster kids placed in our care. We are first time foster parents; today is the long-anticipated first day of a journey that began two weeks and 4,800 miles ago.

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