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The best learning laptop for toddler's growing minds.

Updated on March 11, 2011
Fisher Price kids computer exterior
Fisher Price kids computer exterior

Kids Laptop

I had been looking for a good interactive computer for my toddler and I came across the Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn Laptop with color screen. Fairly inexpensive at around 25-30 dollars, I bought it and brought it home to my almost two year old. The recommended age for this model is 3-7 years old, however an advanced 2 year old will have no problem navigating on his own.

The programs range from alphabet recognition with the phonic sounds and a game to follow where the child will type in the letter which is said and showing. It uses visual, hearing and typing skills for the children. The keyboard itself is in alphabetical order, the opposed to the actual pattern of a keyboard. Another game is counting, this one is a bit harder for younger minds. There are no number keys on the laptop so the use of the mouse is necessary.

The mouse itself is cute, but hard to function even for an adult. There are two games that are used soley with the mouse and I found my son has trouble using it. The game is to merely move the board from side to side to stop the ball from falling. This is a version of some of the earlier video games.

One nice function besides the phonics, is another program setting that lets the child type a letter and the phonic sound and picture come up on the screen. The words that they use, such as nest, elephant and giraffe were quickly coming out of my son's mouth. At a time that he is learning words I find it great the help, he now tranfers it to things and pictures he sees elsewhere. With a mere push of a button, your child can easily change the color of the screen.

The alphabet recognition is quick, honestly less than a week of my son having it, he now knows on recognition the letter and the phonic that goes along with it. If you are wanting your child to learn and quick, this is a great laptop. As your child gets older, there are more programs designed for them, even a free typing part where he can practice his spelling and some typing skills. I must say, great product! For the price, I would recommend this to anyone with a child 2-7 years of age.


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