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Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper - Perfect for Newborn Baby to Stay Close to Mommy and Daddy

Updated on April 15, 2013

Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper--Wonderful for new parents

If you have a newborn baby, and like to keep him/her close to you wherever you are in the house, then the Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper is the perfect solution. It's lightweight at 8.5 lbs. and folds up easily to move from room to room. It's wonderful for keeping Baby next to your bed those first few weeks, so you can be close by at all times.

This is recommended for babies up to six months old, and supports weights from 5 to 25 lbs. It measures 32 x24.5 x21 inches. The Cotton and polyester material is machine washable, so it's easy to keep clean.

Its inclined hammock-like seat is nice for babies who have reflux, and it can be rocked to soothe a fussy baby, or lull them to sleep. With it's 3-point restraint, it keeps Baby safely secure, also. The Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper also comes with a toy bunny and a lightweight blanket. This is the only infant seat that meets industy standards for bassinets.

Baby Ella loves her Rock n Play Sleeper!
Baby Ella loves her Rock n Play Sleeper!

My daughter and grand-daughter love theirs!

My newborn grand-daughter loves sleeping in her Rock n Play sleeper, though, and my daughter doesn't know what she did without it when she had her first two babies! She can take it anywhere they go, and has used it outside, in the shade, on hot days. She has the pink one, but these are available in other colors, also.

A word of advice...

CAUTION: As with anything your baby sleeps in, it's always a must to NOT let your baby sleep in the same postion constantly--she/he should be turned in a different position on a regular basis to discourage flat spots that can be common to young infants heads who stay too long in one position.

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