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How To Find The Best Fisher-Price SnugaBunny Newborn Rock 'n Play Soother

Updated on April 11, 2013
Fisher-Price SnugaBunny Newborn Rock 'n Play Soother
Fisher-Price SnugaBunny Newborn Rock 'n Play Soother

I am a 59 year old man with 3 grown children. Recently, my wife and I of 13 years of marriage have had a baby boy. He is now 8 months old. As you can imagine, taking on a baby at my age is a major challenge. Things have changed dramatically since my older children were babies. Everything we were told to do in the 70’s and 80’s we are now told is incorrect. What is correct now is confusing for people like me.

However, there is one change that is a real blessing. It is the Fisher-Price SnugaBunny Newborn Rock ‘n Play Soother. This light, little sleeper was a God send. It opens and closes instantly, and can be placed right beside mommy when mom and baby are sleeping. It is padded and tilted to give baby a safe comfortable sleep. It takes up little room and can be stored anywhere easily. More than that, we moved it from room to room and it made it easier on all of us to take care of the baby. Sometimes we would put it in the kitchen while doing dishes. The baby could see us, and at the same time we could do our chores without leaving him alone in a crib or playpen. I am so impressed I decided to write this recommendation.

The sleeper retails for about $65 and holds the baby comfortably until about 6 months. For those of you on a tight budget, the SnubaBunny will allow you to delay buying a crib for 5-6 months. To those of you who are older parents like me, you will love it. It makes those middle of the night cries a lot easier to deal with.

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