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Florida Parenting Classes

Updated on December 29, 2010

If you are seeking a divorce in Florida and there are children involved, chances are that you will be required to take a four hour parenting class (sometimes also called a Divorce Course or Family Stabilization Course) in order to receive a final ruling on your divorce. This class will teach you about the impact that divorce can have on a family and equip you with the skills needed to help your children through the difficult transition.

Finding a parenting class

There are several options of parenting classes for you to choose from to help your family through this difficult time. You can take your parenting class online or in a traditional face to face program. There are several online options for parenting classes. The advantage of online parenting classes is that you can study the course materials on your computer at times that are convenient for you. You do not need to attend classes at a set time that may be inconvenient, or listen to long lectures. You also can take the class from home and do not need to travel to a location to attend class. Most online parenting classes are structured in sessions that you may complete at your own pace, with multiple choice quizzes to verify what you are learning. During business hours, most of these online parenting classes offer assistance via phone for any technical or registration problems you may encounter while using the program.

Alternatively, there are several organizations that offer parenting classes in a traditional classroom. The benefit of this format is that you can learn more easily from other parents who are going through similar situations in a face to face format. Whether you choose an online or traditional class, be sure that the class you choose is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).

How a parenting class will benefit you

Taking a parenting class will benefit you beyond simply fulfilling the legal requirement. Your parenting class will teach you how to ease your child’s transition during and after your divorce. Parenting classes cover topics such as the stages of child development, loss and grief, child custody and residence issues, long-distance parenting, communication between you, your child, and your child’s other parent, and the effects of domestic violence on children. A parenting class can also help you develop a parenting plan to give your child much-needed structure and support during this difficult time.

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