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Foods to Help Baby Gain Weight

Updated on April 22, 2012

One of the most stressful things to deal with as a mother, is issues with your child's well being. When Sebastien went in for his 4 month visit, he had dropped in percentile. He was always a little guy, falling around the 20th percentile. However, after becoming more mobile, he dropped to around the 7th. At this point, I was willing to do what ever I needed to to get my son to put on the weight. I exclusively breastfeed my child, and although breastfed children are often slimmer, this was cause for an alarm to my pediatrician. Tests were ran, and all came back fine. However, he still needed calories to develop properly, and I didn't want him dropping anymore.

Before starting to attempt to help your child gain weight, it is very important to not worry too much. I was getting severe anxiety in the beginning from Sebastien's weight issues. Just reading "failure to thrive" on his test chart made my heart skip a beat. He isn't at the FTT point yet, but those three words really make a mother feel as though she is failing. Children really do know how much they need on terms of food, and they will get the calories essential to their body. However, you're still capable of making high calorie choices to help your little one grow.

The highest calorie jar foods that I have found are:



Sweet Potatoes


& fruit blends (often with oatmeal, or yogurt)

I like to keep his food options pretty natural, however. The very best thing I have found to feed him, is avocado. One large avocado has roughly 300+ calories. This is a great option for a child, as it is high in healthy fats. Another good thing to introduce is yogurt (full fat, organic) & cooked egg yolks. I'll often mix the three together, and he seems to enjoy it. I'll also had a teaspoon or so of olive oil to his food portions (butter can also be used). I also add either rice cereal, or oatmeal to basically everything he eats.

With my little one, the biggest issue is just him being distracted and high energy. He started rolling over at 7 weeks, and crawling a little bit before 6 months. As children, and adults, we're all built differently. If you have a little one who needs a little bit of help gaining weight, keep your head up. Try what you can, and don't stress over the charts.


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