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For Parents: Why You SHOULD NOT "Fund" Your Kids so Much

Updated on April 15, 2016

I have so many friends that are “funded” by their parents. When I say funded, I mean that their parents pay for absolutely everything or a majority of everything that their kids should be responsible for. Such as they buy their child's gas, insurance bill, phone bill, food, rent and pet's food. Oh and they buy their kid a nearly new car. To me this is insane. Some of these people that I know are already around twenty five and their parents are still paying for everything. And what does this teach the kid? Nothing. They have grown up to learn that it is okay to live off of your parents and well shoot, they don't even need to get jobs because their parents pay for all their crap! Let me tell you from personal experience why I am independent at twenty and why it is thanks to my parents who didn't fund me that I am secure in knowing I will always be able to take care of myself.

Ever since I can remember, my parents made me pay for anything I wanted that wasn't a necessity. When I was about six, I wanted a pet frog. My parents agreed as long as I paid for the tank, frog, and anything else required to keep a pet frog. How did I get money for that? I worked for it. I did chores every day and got paid ten dollars a week. In one month, I had forty dollars and enough money to buy that frog and everything that came with it. Ever since then, I paid for and took care of all my pets. The problem with parents that buy things like this for their children is that the children do not value it as much as they would if the money was coming out of their own pocket. Believe me I know. The things that my parents did buy for me, I didn't end up treasuring as much as I did for the things that I had to pay for myself.

Funding your kids teaches them to be very lazy as adults. I hate to say it but I see it happen all the time. Kids that are in their twenties still don't have a job because heak, who needs one when your parents are giving you $100 a week for no reason at all? It is encouraging them to live off of other people and not take responsibility in their lives. What would these kids do if one day their parents decide to cut them off and not fund them anymore? They would be terrified because they have no life skills and no way of knowing how to get by in life. They probably don't even know how to buy a car or apply for a credit card. These are things parents should be teaching their kids.

Teaching your kids to pay for their own things early will help set them up for later life. They will know how to support their own families someday and will hopefully pass these traits on to your grandchildren. They will learn that you need to work in order to make money and that you need to put time and effort to accomplish this. Money doesn't get handed to you, at least not for long.

Why should parents buy their kid's cars and clothes? It really doesn't make since. Its not fair to parents either. I would honestly say that once a kid hits teenager age, they should be responsible and pay for their own things. Once they can start working, it will teach them about saving and budgeting.


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