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For The Wee Ones.

Updated on January 2, 2010

For The Wee Ones.


Tiny blond haired lass
won't you dance with me
I'm an autumn leaf
the wind has just set free
dashing to and fro
merrily we'll go
till I fly away
on some blustery day
when the colored leaves
are replaced by
pure white snow
little bitty lad
raise your happy face
as you chase me down
in a frosty race
till I fall upon
your extended tongue
catching snowflakes
tumbling down is
lotsa chilly fun
plus I'm gonna taste
better when your done
then all the rest
you've eaten
of the other
melted ones
little blossom girl
peep your head out soon
cause the grass is green
and the crocus bloom
jump up like a frog
in the bright sunshine
on a lily pad
cause it's stretching time
lose the winter blues
put on rubber shoes
puddle wade and sing
splash while giggling
cause it's finally Spring
hey there wee young boy
rolling cross the grass
with those dandy lions
Summer's here at last
blow a puff ball high
make a treasured wish
find a sword like stick
give it one big swish
your a pirate now
stealing summer's gold
with a one eyed squint
you've destroyed the cold
freed from school's hardship
you'll explore the isles
of your endless dreams
with a recessed smile .

O O C`'`'`'`'`'`'`'
|/~~~~~~~~~~~|/~~~~~~~|/ `'`''`


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