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For the LOVE of Throw Up

Updated on January 26, 2015

Our Weekend

One thing that I think we can all agree on....

WE NEVER EXPECT IT. Except those rare and glorious instances when you KNOW your child is sick, you never think to yourself, "Simon is gonna puke today." This weekend, we traveled to Virginia to visit my ex's parents for the kids' birthday (joy). I like to include everyone, ya know? About 3.5 hours into the trip, Simon burps this outrageous, stinky, admittedly impressive burp that you'd never think a child the age of two could produce. I glanced back at my kiddo with a "Nice one, Si" and seconds later witnessed chunks flying.

Sparing in-depth details, it was gross. I mean, I can deal with cleaning up any and all types of fecal matter, boogies, encrusted fingernails, you name it; but this was on a whole different level. While trying to calm Simon, I was also trying to prevent the yucks from being flung off of his flailing limbs. I have to give myself credit, because honestly speaking, it is not an easy task to clean up a puke job while on the side of a highway with two small children.


I've packed for spills. I've packed for diaper leaks. I have never packed a throw-up preparedness kit. So...this is my purpose here today. You're welcome.


  1. Spare Clothes. Unless you want a nakey kiddo, this is an obvious must.
  2. WIPES. Paper towels will just smear it in to your nice upholstery....Trust me.
  3. A water bottle. Seriously, your little love will appreciate this. Would you want that taste in your mouth?
  4. Febreeze. This is THE MOST important item. Not kidding. If you only have room in your car for one of the items, pick this, and clean your kid off with the shirt on your back.

There you have it, from parent-to-parent. For the love of throw-up...have a good one, guys.

'Til next time, Courtney

Pre-Barf Simon

He's so cute and innocent. You never expect it to happen...a prelude to what could be something terrifying.
He's so cute and innocent. You never expect it to happen...a prelude to what could be something terrifying.


At what age did your child first barf?

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