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For you My sister :)

Updated on August 7, 2016

a message to my sister in islam

We appeal to your heart. This heart that believes that Allah is his Lord, Islam is religion and that Muhammad e is the Messenger of Allah.

Dear sister in Islam.

We appeal to your heart. This heart that believes that Allah is his Lord, Islam is religion and that Muhammad e is the Messenger of Allah.

We appeal to your heart who believes that death is truth, that the resurrection is true, that the Audit day is truth, the Sirat (bridge erected over Hell and leads to Paradise.) Is truth that Paradise is truth, Hell is truth, "Allah is the truth; and it is he who gives life to the dead and it is he who is Omnipotent and that the Hour will not. doubt about it, and Allah will raise those who are in the graves We say this because not taking advantage of the exhortation that he who remembers death and believes he will return one day to his. Lord will judge him on all the works completed in the worldly life.

for you my sister

We are a group of preachers who carried on their backs a heavy burden.

We try to send you our voice, even if we have long tried to do without success. sister in Islam, we have often asked you to help us carry this burden without success. We will have long and often solicited until some of us have despaired of your repentance. However, most of us have said: No, the Algerian woman, noble origin, who only needs to be remembered and urged for it to be reborn again, such a beautiful plant that need to be watered so that it "gives all its fruit, by the grace of his Lord." [Ibrahim.25]

sister in Islam. Know that you came out of your home showing off a part of your body Allah has forced to hide, is one of the largest events of injustice to Allah and His servants. And then you must remember Allah said: "Allah does not guide the unjust people." [Al-Baqarah.258]: He did not guide them to their well-being on this world and on the beyond ; because "Allah does not love the unjust." [Al-Imran.57]

sister in Islam. Look to the Lord of power, who has granted you many favors when he said:. "children of Adam, we have sent down to you clothing to cover your shame, as well as adornments But the raiment of piety (taqwa) is much better. "[Al-Araf.26] garment of piety. . This garment that put the believer and the believing, for they worship Allah. This garment that protects women's dignity, chastity and modesty, that are the true values ​​of female beauty.

sister you know that Islam is not the only religion to have instituted the wearing of hijab? You know that all heavenly laws agree on the fact that the port Hijab is a divine prescription, therefore an obligation? It was reported in the books of those who preceded us, the Torah and the Gospel, that it is an obligation from Allah to His servants; and paragraphs which state the have, to date, survived by the grace of Allah, the falsifications that these books have suffered. We read in the Torah: "God will punish the daughters of Israel because they boast parent and by their ankles jewelry, taking off their adornment jewelry their ankles, their mats, their rings, their bracelets, their veils and headbands. " Glory to Allah! Will you pay attention to these words; which mean that those parents are punished by encouraging them to pare more !! In doing so, the act of adorning therefore only a punishment against those who violate the prohibitions of Allah because of their disobedience. Indeed, Allah has punished our parents, Adam and Eve when they disobeyed him by revealing them their shame. "Then when they tasted of the tree their shame became manifest their, and they began to sew together the leaves of Paradise." [Al-Araf.22] This brings you to perceive that the hijab is a grace and not a sanction, as bent on presenting the contenders for freedom; and it is an honor before it's an obligation. So my sister, will you follow the daughters of Israel in what is truly a pure punishment?

sister, know that the hijab is not a virtue in previous religions only. Even the Arab disbelievers before Islam (Jahiliyah) felt that wearing the hijab was a sign of nobility, as emphasized their poems. In this era, the free woman remained in his house served as a mistress, and only went after hiding all its nakedness. In this era, the exhibition of the body was practiced by slaves women for whom prostitution was an act of custom, widely accepted.

sister, you know that the war Libertines (Foudjar) which opposed Coraïch to Hawazin was caused by the harassment of a woman by youth Kinana who wanted to remove her veil? She asked as relief to the family of Beni

Amer who were quick to come to his rescue with their swords.

sister, do you know why Allah then blamed the women of that time, saying: "Stay in your homes and do not adorn you in the way of Jahiliyah." [Al-Ahzab.33]? This was because these women exhibited up to their chests and some of their hair! Yes, this is the kind of exhibition that Allah disapproved and called back to Jahiliah. So what about the impudence of women of the times we live in?

sister, what will be your response if Allah your Lord asked you your reaction to His verse: "Prophète Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their veils, they will more quickly recognized and! not molested. "[Al-Ahzab.59]?

Hast thou not heard the hadith of the Prophet ((who said: "The woman is nakedness." [Tirmidhi] A sentence full of wisdom and whose analysis reveals an eminent degree of clairvoyance: If every Muslim attaches important to hide the private parts of her body, he must do the same as his wife, sisters, and daughters.

Learn well the arguments for you to meet the supporters of the exhibition of the wife and propagandists of his debauchery, which have made an oath to sow immorality in the ranks of the believers, and who do not hesitate to use all their media means, to do their dirty work. Unfortunately, we only have a few words learned from the revelation of Allah, and Allah is sufficient to guide your heart to His straight path.

sister in Islam, you know that they intend to deceive you so that they can enjoy as you enjoy western women. These are, in fact, that wolves lurking in your inadvertently they tear your dignity with their dirty claws.

sister, he is going no day without those who love to see you in the right way do not experience regret and lament, facing the plans of the enemies of Allah and to the indifference of most Muslims.

sister, your heart does not he fighting for your faith? Do not you cry on this faith that has become the daily target of all the opportunists? Do not you know that your exhibition is a stab in the back of your brothers and sisters? Born

not you know your Hijab port can support Islam better than thousands of sermons. Oh yes, because the wearing of hijab by one woman induced in the hearts of believers firmness and tenacity to the obstacles they face; and overwhelms the enemies of Allah exasperation and indignation that make them retreat, abject and defeated.

sister you remember those terrible scenes and these difficult times you encourras when you leave this life to an obscure grave.

The Prophet e talked about those scenes and those moments where the children of hair graying. He told us about frightening punishment for those who disobeyed Allah by committing less serious sins that your exhibition. So what about the punishment of which is adorned?

Remind yourself of the Prophet e: "There are two kinds of men of my nation that I have not seen: men with whips like the tails of cows, which they use to beat people; and women dressed but stripped, examined and penchantes, their cuts like camel humps inclined. although they do not enter Paradise and hardly find his scent, though its scent can be perceived at a great distance. Curse them because they are cursed. "[Muslim, IbnHibban]

sister, it's time to say goodbye. We remind you finally that every day you spend parrying you, and leave you to Allah, your Lord and brings you closer to the devil, your enemy. Every day you spend well, you get the curse of Allah and the angels and of all men until you return to the right path, the path of Allah. Every day you are getting close you to your grave, and the Angel of Death is about to take your soul.

Remind you that over the seven heavens, A Lord Almighty sees you, and which you will return in a day that will probably come.

"For every community there is a term. When their time comes, they can not delay an hour and can only hasten either.

Children of Adam! If Messengers from among you come to you My signs, then those who are righteous and mend will have no fear nor shall they grieve.

And those who reject Our signs and deviate with pride are the dwellers of the Fire, to dwell therein forever. "[Al-Araf.34-36]


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