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Fork You... I Wanna Feed Myself!

Updated on February 2, 2011

What... no fork!!!

If there is no fork... why not improvise!
If there is no fork... why not improvise!

Ahhh... real food!

As a parent, you get to experience all of life’s first milestones all over again. Whether it is learning how to crawl and walk or attending the first day of school, these milestones will bring smiles to your face and tears to your eyes. Regardless of how many children you have, the milestones seem amazing each and every time.

Each baby will hit different milestones at their own pace. Yet, one of the most fun (and messiest) of these milestones is learning how to eat. Young children eat all the time, and even though a parent gets to see this all the time, it is amazing how in just a moment, something they seem to do regularly changes so quickly.

It starts off as either breast feeding or the bottle, yet quickly moves to the small spoonfuls of rice cereal. In just a blink of the eye, your little bundle of joy is gobbling up mushed peas and carrots and suddenly entering into Stage 3 of the Gerber foods.

Then, without even noticing the change, your young infant has become a toddler who is “eyeballin” the delicious menus you have prepared for the family. At first it starts off as something easy and small… maybe a little bit of mashed potatoes; maybe some pudding. Before you know it, the baby food jars that were once stacked in the kitchen cabinet are no longer necessary.

This is when it gets fun. Your baby is no longer a little baby, but, even though we may miss those moments at times, this is when you get to enjoy the adventure into food. Whether or not your young son or daughter likes something, or dislikes what you have cooked.

My son, who has been eating grown up food like a king, has now moved into the fork and spoon cycle. While he used to gobble up all his goodies by hand, he has now decided that it is more appropriate to be using utensils. In fact, without either a spoon or a fork in hand, he downright refuses to eat. Even with a spoon or fork in hand, he still grabs handfuls and shoves them in his mouth, but it is the satisfaction of actually having the utensil with fingers wrapped around.

So today, while he was eating his hot dog and peas, he decided he needed a spoon. You know, so he can eat like an adult! With spoon in hand, he refused to have me help him, yet with eagerness he attempted to spoon up the peas and shove them in his mouth. Yet, those nasty little peas kept falling off, if they even ended up on the spoon in the first place.

After several attempts and only a few slam dunks, he finally resorted back to shoveling handfuls in his mouth, until he was finally full and decided to start chucking the hot dog pieces. It was obvious that lunch time was over.

While this is only one example, and I am sure other parents have many more, the adventures of eating is a daily reoccurrence. Whether it is learning how to throw a curveball (especially when food is shaped in in the obvious ball shaped figure) or just learning how to use a fork and a spoon, every meal time is an adventure when you have a young child.

Exciting moments with food!


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    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      @Escobana - Kids and food are funny... however I will admit that they are much funnier when it is someone elses kid and they are the ones that have to clean up the mess! Oh - and put them in someone elses house to... cause I would prefer not to have to scrub the walls!

      Luckily they are so darn cute.... :) Glad you enjoyed this hub!

    • Escobana profile image

      Escobana 5 years ago from Valencia

      I am not a mother and never will be but the joy of food and toddlers must be amazing.

      I don't know if it combines well with someone like me. Tidy, organized, compulsive and structured:-) To let go of all that and enjoy the mess of food....I don't know.

      But I've witnessed it with my friends and it sure was hilarious! Sweet Hub and shared!

    • sueroy333 profile image

      Susan Mills 6 years ago from Indiana

      Cute kid. Nice article. This brings back memories!

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      I loved this! It reminded of the times when I was encouraging my son to eat like a "human" with a fork and spoon. It is not the easiest transition to make, but looking back, one with great humor and love. Thank you!