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Fostering teenagers' hobbies

Updated on September 28, 2015

Teenage is an age which is filled with curiosity and the brain loves fun. While choosing between tasks, adults may prioritize based on the importance and usefulness of the task but kids give preference to another important factor – the pleasure factor. The definition of pleasure is different for different people and it depends on the person's likes and dislikes.

Some people may consider math as a demon, but I am addicted to Mathematics. If I had to choose between answering a known question and an interesting mathematical problem, I would definitely choose the latter for the thrill involved in finding a solution to the problem.

Thus pleasure need not necessarily be limited to watching TV or playing games. Pleasure is anything that gives you a high when you are doing it.

As a parent, you have to spend time with your kid’s hobby or encourage him/her to adopt a positive activity if he/she has none. If it is a positive activity, then it should be nourished. Any positive activity has three important qualities – it nourishes your soul, doesn't have any negative effects on your body and the most important quality is that it gives you positive feelings when you do it. It may be a physical activity like cycling or running or creative hobbies like writing, reading or photography. If your teenage kid has fun writing poems, supplying him with encouragement and guidance may help him to realize his potential to become a writer.


When your child wants to do something new like driving a car or cooking, neither pour the child with a bucket of advices nor ignore. Once the parent finds that the child is happily immersed in a productive and nourishing hobby, the parent can let the child continue his hobby without any disturbance. The parent need not necessarily indulge in the hobby along with the child.

What a child needs during adolescence is guidance rather than collaboration. If you always intervene in his activity in order to protect him/her when it is not turning out as it was expected to be, it can make the child less independent. But you cannot completely let children on their own as there are times during the presence of parents can be inevitable for a child.

Each and every teenage kid has untapped potentials. Parents play a very crucial role in igniting the adolescent’s potential and positive aspects. To be simple, a parent should be like a cricket coach who guides the player on how to play sixes and fours rather than being a substitute player for the child.


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