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How to Deal With Preventable Child Neglecting Problems

Updated on March 13, 2018

Millions of children around the world are being neglected everyday. Consequently, these children may grow up facing a host of challenges within their young lives. Unless the nations of the world intervene with a strong campaign of educational and financial support, an entire generation of children will experience an array of complications in life from which it will be difficult to recover. Such complications will significantly affect the prosperity of families and communities as well as the nations of the world. Therefore, child neglect most be considered as one of the worst things a parent can do to a child. Four types of neglectful parents appear to exist.

Uninformed Parents

One group of parents are the uninformed parents. These parents are first timers and have little(if any) knowledge of child rearing. They are often young, impatient and pleasure driven. They don't communicate well with their children, especially about school activities or homework. Their children are usually behind in school. Moreover, because of the amount of time spent with grandparents, these children often think that their grand parents are their real birth parents.

Overworked Parents

Overworked parents are the next group of neglectful parents. These parents work night and day, usually out of necessity. Many are single parents who are just trying to make ends meet. They try hard to provide the bare necessities for their children, making sure they eat, sleep and go to school. Survival makes it nearly impossible for these parents to provide any significant depth in childcare.

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Parents Who Abuse Substances

Parents entangled in substance abuse are the next group of neglectful parents, a group that most likely places the child in the most dangerous condition. These parents are so disillusioned by drug use that their children may end up raising themselves to a greater or lessor degree, depending on the age and intelligence of the child. Children may also be exposed to images of drug use and violence or become victims of abuse themselves.

Impoverished Parents

The last group of neglectful parents are those who are impoverished. This group of parents usually have no choice in the neglect of their child. These parents are usually oppressed by governments who are poor, self-serving and unstable and who find it difficult to support its people. For example, in many African countries, children suffer day and night without food because there is non to be found. The entire country may be in a state of war. As a result, food and other necessities may be held up by rebel forces opposed to the government.

Impact of Neglect

The impact of neglect upon the world's children can deal a devastating blow, resulting in low self-esteem, depression and isolation, lack of motivation, aggression and disrespect, ill heath, hunger and starvation. Children caught up in such oppressive conditions will find it difficult if not impossible to lead the next generation on a continual path of upward progress. The demands of the future require children who are ready for the challenges of a changing economic, social and environmental systems that will transform the world as we know it. To be unprepared for such changes can result in total chaos and confusion.


The Urgency of Rescue

Therefore, for the sake of the next generation and the overall peace of the world, the significance of child neglect must become a major priority in every nation. Major programs designed to rescue children not only from starvation but from mental and psychological trauma must be initiated throughout the world. Governments who want their nations to continue in existence must favor the safety of its children over the ignorance of politics and war. Programs that train parents in child rearing must become more prevalent in societies. Governments must warn parents regarding the consequences of child neglect and the effect it can have upon a nation.

Parent Roles

The biggest burden falls upon the parents. Parents must make difficult choices regarding their own lives that will result in the most favorable opportunities for their children. For example, parents who overwork may have to release one of their jobs in order to spend quality time with the children. However, programs must be organized to assist such parents with living expenses.

A United Effort

Parents who abuse substances must be confronted regarding the state of their children. Local and community rules and regulations must be in-forced to influence those parents who neglect the education of their children. They must understand the education of their children depends of the peace and prosperity of the entire world. Communities, neighborhoods, parents, grandparents must all come together in a sense of oneness and purpose in order to positively shape the next generation and the world.


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